Games to Play with Kids While Lying Down

Need a few games to play with kids while lying down? Do your children seem to possess endless amounts of energy? Are you in need of a break to help unwind and relax? In this post, I will be be sharing 3 easy ways to sneak in some peaceful rest while still actively engaged in your child’s play. The idea is to help your kids burn off some of their extra energy, while you sit back and relax. Whether you’re sick with the flu, you were up too late the night before partying, or you’re just feeling lazy, with these creative ideas, you’ll find a suitable play solution that works for you!

Games to Play with Kids While Lying Down

Games to Play with Kids While Lying Down:

Game #1 — What’s on My Butt?

This game is fun for the whole family. I like to get the kids all excited about it beforehand using my best announcer voice, “It’s time for everybody’s favorite time of the week! The time when we ask ourselves, ‘What’s on My Butt??'”
In this creative game, players take turns carefully choosing items from around the house to place on my butt while I lay peacefully on the couch. Once an item is placed on my tush, I try to guess what it is.
“Hmmm… Clara, is that a purple monkey? On my BUTT???”
The laughter never ends with this game.

Remember, they burn off energy, while you sit back and relax.

Game #2 — CSI (otherwise known as Crime Scene Investigation)

This game is full of suspense. I pretend to be a dead body. Usually laying on the floor, or sometimes the couch. The kids use tools to help solve the mystery of how I died. They outline my body with masking tape, use evidence collection bags (sandwich baggies), collect fingerprints with tape, and QUIETLY look for clues with a magnifying glass. Be sure to explain that solving a crime can take HOURS of long, tedious work.

Remember, they burn off energy, while you sit back and relax.

Game #3 — Old Lady’s Story

We occasionally play a imaginative storytelling game called the Old Lady’s Story. In this game, I pretend to be a very old lady who cannot move very much. I also happen to suffer from an extreme case of memory loss. BUT! I have a story that needs to be told! The only way I can remember this fascinating story is if my children go around the house to fetch requested items to help jog my memory.

I might say something in my best old lady voice like, “….and then I said to her… I said… Oh, no I can’t seem to remember now exactly what I said… Do you mind fetching something for me to help me remember? Be a good lass and bring me my scarf from the bottom right drawer of my nightstand… ”

Once, I have the scarf, I might say, “Yes yes… Now I remember… Sally gave me this scarf for my 80th birthday, but I never liked Sally… I can’t remember why, but I think it has something to do with the book on my bed. Could you please get me that book so I can remember?”

Remember, they burn off energy, while you sit back and … RELAX!

In conclusion, keeping your kids entertained doesn’t have to require large amounts of energy. These games to play with kids while lying down can truly come in handy! With a little creativity and a few common household items, you can find lots of ways to actively engage in your child’s play… Even if you’re feeling lazy!

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