Sandwich Making Station

Disclosure: I’m sharing #Tide in my life as part of a Tide sponsored series for Socialstars™. All opinions are my own.

An easy way to encourage kids to be independent is to give them more responsibilities. Why not start them off on the road to independence with making part of their own lunches? This sandwich making station is great for organizing meal prep ahead of time, and can be customized with any kind of bread or sandwich filling you may like. In just a few minutes, the kids can have several sandwiches made for the week. Plus, they will get lots of practice learning this important life skill!


First, gather your materials. You will need:

Sliced Bread
Peanut Butter & Jelly (or fillings of your choice)
Plastic Knife
Cutting Board
Baking Sheet
Freezer Paper


For easy clean up, lay out the ingredients onto a large sheet on freezer paper. Assign each person with specific tasks. One person to spread the peanut butter, and another to add the jelly and cut the bread works quite well, for instance.


Place the prepared sandwiches on a baking sheet. Cover and store in the freezer. Pack a frozen sandwich in the morning, and by the time lunch rolls around, your sandwich will be ready to eat!


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