You Are Enough

This post is sponsored by our friends at Socialstars and Minute Maid as part of the #doingood #minutemaid campaign. All opinions are my own.

Do you ever find yourself doubting your abilities as a parent? Do you question your own decisions and worry about doing the right thing? Have you ever experienced a time when you thought maybe you had let your child down? Parenting is hard work with never-ending decisions, and it can have its fair share of messy moments. You may worry and you may have doubts, but have you ever stopped to ask your kids how they think you are doing? I love this video that gives a small glimpse into how kids view how their parents are doing with touching letters. (You may want to grab a tissue!)

Snow Day Parenting Struggles

One aspect of parenting that I struggled with was how to handle snow days when the kids would suddenly be home from school for the day. I would resent the change in routine, sometimes letting the kids watch too much television, and then later regret having not spent more time with them. It is okay to have moments like this. If you care and you worry, you’re #doingood.


The good thing about parenting is that there are countless opportunities for learning. More recently I have learned to embrace snow days and to treat them as impromptu celebrations. Together, the kids and I brainstormed a few ways to make the most of our time together. One snow day, we made up Snow Day Busy Bags with small lunch bags they shared containing little treats and activities to be done every hour. Another time we had a Polar Party with snacks, books, and games. On another occasion, we snuggled up with blankets and popcorn and watched holiday movies together. These snow days that I used to despise, have now become some of my favorite memories as a parent.


Talk with Your Kids

From time to time I will ask each of my kids separately if there is anything I can do to be a better Mom for them. The answers have evolved over the years, but they always surprise me. Once, my 11 year old said she would love it if I played video games with her. Another time, my 7 year old said she wanted me to give her some time to daydream when she first comes home from school. These are such simple things, and without taking the time to ask, I would have never known that they felt this way. Making some slight adjustments to our routine to allow time for daydreaming and a family video game night once a week made them SO happy! Talking with your kids can help serve as a great reminder that you’re #doingood.


Tell Another Parent and Make Someone Else’s Day

Take a moment and tell another parent out there that he or she is #doingood — let’s celebrate all the good things other parents do to care for their children this holiday season.