Holiday Fun – Rudolph Robots!

The kids thought these Rudolph Robots were so much fun to make and they use simple materials you either already have on-hand or can probably find at your local dollar store! We made several of these together during our recent “Elf Bootcamp” for the holiday break. This would be a great project for teens or tweens to try too!

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Holiday Fun - Rudolph Robots!

To Make a Rudolph Robot, you will need:

How to Make a Rudolph Robot:

Remove the battery pack with motor from the battery powered toothbrush. Set aside.

To Make the Antlers — Use wire cutters to cut a pipe cleaner in half. Cut one half in half again. Twist each smaller piece of pipe cleaner to the ends of the longer piece. Fold in half.

To Make the Reindeer Body — Cut 4 slits into the bottom of the cardboard tube, and fold out to create the legs. Press down the top of the cardboard tube to form the head. Insert the antlers. Cut out pieces of construction paper for the head and nose. Add wiggle eyes.

To Construct the Robot — Wrap the motor with a paper towel to create padding so it fits snuggly inside the cardboard tube. Leave the button switch exposed so you can turn your robot on and off.

Have fun!!

Here is a quick video showing our Rudolph Robots, in action:

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