50 Ways to Make a Difference This Summer

The lazy days of summer are the perfect time to focus on making a difference and doing acts of kindness with your kids!  Here’s a list of 50 ways you can make a difference this summer if you are looking for inspiration…

50 Ways to Make a Difference this Summer!

1.  Wash someone’s car.

2.  Make paper fans to pass out at the playground.

3.  Hand out popsicles to outdoor workers.

4.  Pick up trash at the beach.

5.  Make a sunshine to send to someone.

6.  Call your grandparents and share your favorite memory.

7.  Send a thank you to someone who inspires you.

8.  Collect canned food at your next barbeque.

9.  Put a small recycling bin in your car for when you’re on the go.

10.  Pay off someone’s layaway bill.

11.  Tell a joke.

12.  Clean out closets and donate outgrown clothes and toys.

13.  Leave an ice cream gift card for the mailman.

14.  Plant something.

chalk messages for kids

15.  Leave chalk messages on the sidewalk.

16.  Take treats to the fire station.

17.  Donate to water.org.

18.  Hand out water at a homeless shelter.

19.  Carry a poem in your pocket and read it to everyone you meet.

20.  Donate a container or bubbles to your local YMCA or group home.

21.  Tape money for the ice cream truck to a friend’s door.

22. Bury treasure at the playground.

23.  Check in on an elderly neighbor.

24.  Give candy to your bank teller.

25.  Pass out stickers to kids waiting at a restaurant.

26.  Leave a letter in a library book.

27.  Buy iced tea or coffee for a stranger.

28.  Decorate hand sanitizer for the nurses station.

29.  Record a video message for a faraway family member.

30.  Pass out water at the park.

31.  Leave a book for a child in the waiting room.

32.  Thank a service member.

Host an Alex's Lemonade Stand

33.  Host an Alex’s Lemonade Stand.

34.  Donate sunblock to women’s shelter or Boys and Girls Club.

35.  Leave a kite on someone’s doorstep.

36.  Tape change to a parking meter.

37.  Leave happy notes around town.

38.  Let someone go ahead of you in line.

39.  Make a meal for a new mother.

40.  Volunteer to work in a community garden.

41.  Host a Trike-a-thon.

42.  Bring flowers to a nursing home.

43.  Draw a picture for your librarian.

44.  Feed the birds.

45.  Send kids on a “Secret Service Mission”.

46.  Volunteer to walk dogs at the animal shelter.

47.  Weed a neighbor’s yard.

48.  Leave bubbles at your local park.

49.  Tell the manager how good the service was at a local store.

50.  Smile.  It’s contagious.

How many can you and your kids do this summer?  Stop by our Facebook page and let us know when you do one–we’d love to cheer you on!



  1. Megan, This is such a sweet list of goodness ideas! I think I’ll try some of them MYSELF! I will share!

  2. These are wonderful ideas! I’ve printed this list, it’s on our fridge, and we will make our way through it this summer!
    Thank you for including our spreading sunshine idea!

  3. I love this list, Megan! I know my kiddos will love doing these with me this Summer — can’t wait!! 🙂

  4. Great list! There is something (and more) to inspire every one out there. Thanks!

  5. Herbert Simpkins says

    This is a great list, it inspired me I will definitely do some of these things. Thanks for sharing