Kid Craft — Silly Stick Puppets

Here’s a quick, low-mess craft for the kids to do. Added bonus — they may be inspired to put on their own puppet shows for plenty of imaginative playtime fun! You might want to keep these in mind for upcoming Screen Free Week later this month! (More ideas for Screen Free Week can be found here.)

Silly Stick Puppets

To make your own silly stick puppets, start by inviting your child to attach some craft feathers to one end of a craft stick using some tape. Next, use googly eye stickers for eyes, and draw on a mouth with pencil or marker. Super easy, and I love how silly (and unique) they are!

Silly Stick Puppets


Some ideas:

  • Put on a puppet show with your silly stick puppets. Cut out a hole, and decorate an empty cereal box to use as a mini puppet theater.
  • Use a curtain tension rod to create a puppet theater in a doorway.
  • Make a short film using a video camera.
  • Create a flip book by taking a series of photos and binding them together to make a book.

Have fun!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    These guys usually make you say “aaaaaaahhh!”


  2. Thank you for sharing this idea! We made them this afternoon and my 2, 5, and 7 year old LOVED creating them! 🙂