As a follow up to my previous CRE8TIME post, in case you were curious what the final watercolor painting looked like, I thought I would share it here.


While it’s far from a “floral masterpiece” (HA!), I did thoroughly enjoy the process of setting aside time each day to work on it. I even invited a friend to join me, and her painting is beautiful!! It gave the two of us a good excuse to catch up with one another while we added a bit of creativity to our everyday lives. This was great FUN, and having a creative outlet makes me feel happy and accomplished!

The other aspect I loved about this was recognizing the fact that making art after having kids looks and feels different from life before kids. Things need to be done in quick bursts, or else late at night or early morning. Laundry piles up, dirty dishes in the sink… But seeing the look on my girls’ faces when they would wake up each morning to find a bit more progress being made on the painting made it totally worth it. Clara, in particular, kept asking how I did it and both of them were my biggest cheerleaders. I am more relaxed and patient with them, and I listen to them more. I plan to continue with these sorts of projects at least one night a week. Do you set aside time for your own creative pursuits? Do you have a hard time fitting it in? Leave a comment and share your stories with us.

A big thank you to Michaels® for providing me with art supplies, and the Craft and Hobby Association for inviting me to take part in the CRE8TIME challenge. To learn more about CRE8TIME, click here to join the movement!


  1. Love how your watercolor turned out and thank you for introducing me to the CRE8TIME movement – I just returned from a crafting cruise and it’s the first time I sat and was creative for any length of time in years. It was wonderful! I need to do more creating on a regular basis.

  2. Very impressive! I try to play piano and pull out my guitar, but it is always interupted and then I get angry! haha I need to set aside more ‘creative me’ time instead of just ‘time for me to eat’ or ‘work out’ time. 😉

  3. I have a group of “knitting” friends at work! We have lunch together in a conference room once a week and work on our knitting projects. It’s great to have that creative outlet during the busy work week and to have a chance to chat with my friends about our kids, work, whatever we feel like!

    • Wonderful, Leila! I used to run a similar knitting group for the local moms club. Such a great outlet!!