7 Creative Uses for Pool Noodles

Do you have pool noodles sitting around at home collecting dust from last Summer? Wish you could put them to use with something other than a pool for the Fall and Winter months? Need a few creative ideas for inspiration?? Here are seven of our favorite ways to use pool noodles:

1. Hammer Time — Cut up pool noodles to make a foam base for hammering practice.

2. Stamping Fun — Slice up pool noodles to make foam stamps! Perfect for homemade wrapping paper.

3. Kick Ball Croquet — Make your own obstacle course for the backyard! Details here.

4. Beading — Sliced up pool noodles can be used as large beads for tots or preschoolers to work on those ever important fine-motor skills.

5. Build a Marble Run — Make it as simple or elaborate as you’d like. This is a great activity for developing early problem-solving skills!

6. Wreath Making — Bend a pool noodle into a circle and hold in place with duct tape. Use as a base for making wreathes!

7. Hockey — For a safer version of hockey, cut a pool noodle in half to use as hockey sticks. A bouncy ball is a great puck for little ones. Plenty of active playtime fun!


  1. Absolutely ingenious!

  2. Dear Valerie,

    We have all of these pool noodles, but no pool!


  3. We have no pool noodles. My kids are so deprived. Must get right on that for these super fun activities! Had NO idea pool noodles were so versatile!

  4. What a creative ideas!!! Can’t wait to do the seven of your favorite ways to use pool noodles for my kids. Thanks for sharing this post.

  5. Can I add that if you slice an 8 in. length length wise you can place them on the edge of a door to prevent smashed fingers… great for those with toddlers.