Hammer Time!

Here is yet another FUN use for pool noodles — especially if you happen to have a few golf tees on-hand!! We reused the same ones from the awesome marble run and croquet lawn game.

I used masking tape to attach the pool noodles to some small cutting boards, and invited the girls to bring some play hammers (we have so many of these, not sure where they came from??).

Hammer in the golf tees!!

The girls loved that they could do this again and again. I loved that it helped build hand-eye coordination, and kept them happily occupied for a long stretch of time!!

This little activity brought lots of smiles for an otherwise rainy morning. 🙂

Simple (and very frugal) fun!!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    Whatever happened to the good old-days of using pool noodles for “in the pool” pool noodle activities?


  2. We make it even more frugal and just use an empty box and let them hammer the golf tees in – my son LOVES to make designs (sun, moon, whatever we are studying) and we have an abundant supply of empty boxes. Plus, they store their tees and hammer in the box until it just can’t handle any more punches and then I pull out another box.

    I love the croquet idea of pool noodles though – that ROCKS!

  3. I wonder where all those play hammers came from in the first place 😉 Great activity!

  4. Am I the only one that was expecting the girls to be in MC Hammer pants after reading the post title?!?! 🙂

  5. at our preschool class they had dot pictures (like dot to dots only bigger) the kids used to even up the ante on this activity. fun use of noodles again!

  6. Maybe they’re like scissors and secretly multiply when you’re not looking?

    • Ticia, you have no idea how many pairs of scissors we have in this house. If there is ever an invasion of paper, we are well prepared.

  7. Brilliant again! I have a little boy who loves all things that he can hit..and hit hard with. I need to tape some noodles to his walls..and let him have at it! =)

  8. Another fun and frugal activity that I would have never thought of. Well, looks like it would help the kiddos release some of that pent up energy. 🙂