7 Creepy Crawly Crafts for Kids

Happy SPRING!!!! The girls were so excited to see some bugs at the playground this afternoon — a sign of warmer weather! Here are some of our favorite crafts to celebrate….. bugs!


1. Creepy Crawly Seek n Find — Recycle a clear plastic container to make your own Seek n Find toy.


2. Giant Butterflies — Make giant butterflies… that really fly!


3. Light-Up Fireflies — Simple, and fun!


4. Ladybug Cuteness — Turn color coding labels into adorable ladybugs.


5. Love Bugs — Spread some love around the house, then go on a love bug scavenger hunt!


6. Blinky Bugs — Emily really loved making these blinky bugs with a bit of help from her dad. One of them sits on top of our refrigerator, and blinks whenever someone opens or closes the door to the fridge!


7. Tissue Paper Butterflies — I love how something as simple as tissue paper and pipe cleaners can make kids so happy!

Have fun!!


  1. the tissue paper and pipe cleaner butterflies would make pretty awesome bedroom decor, I think- And your hubby must be an engineer. The early warning bug light-up system that someone is swiping the last piece of chocolate cake is brilliant. 🙂

    • They would look so pretty in a bedroom!

      And good call, Tricia — he is an engineer. 🙂

  2. We have those tissue paper/pipe cleaner butterflies still up from two years ago. Such an easy project that delights them so much!

  3. Great ideas! My kids LOVE bugs. I especially love the fireflies and ladybugs – so clever!

    • LOL — I think both of mine inherited our bug-loving genes. I remember spending loooooong stretches of time just looking at bugs when I was a kid. They are amazing!

  4. Ha ha ha ha, so I misread blinki bugs, and saw bikini bugs…… Oops


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