Light-Up Fireflies

This was a fun before-bedtime craft that Emily enjoyed. It’s easy, and mess-free too! She loved seeing all the fireflies light up in the picture!

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To make your own light-up fireflies, you will need: black construction paper, yellow tissue paper, scissors, chalk, and tape.

 Cut holes out of the black construction paper for the bodies, and invite your child to draw wings and antenna using chalk.

Next, flip the paper over and cover the holes with yellow tissue paper. Attach with tape as shown.

Hold the picture up to a light source and the fireflies will light up!
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So much fun!! The perfect bedtime story to go along with this… The Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle.


  1. Amy@Let's Explore says

    I love it – so cute! 🙂

  2. Mom and Kiddo says

    I love this. And it would be so good to do with stars. Or different colors for the planets!

  3. La Dolce Vita says

    LOVE it! Where do you come up with all these ideas! I am saving like every other one for the future!

  4. That is fantastic. We always sing, "This Little Light of Mine, I'm gonna let it shine" at bedtime and this would be a perfect activity for that song.

  5. Very nice!
    I think I could make a lamp shade with this tecnique for my little boy's room (he wil have a room in the new house, this winter), that could be nice too. Don't you think?

  6. @ Mom and Kiddo — OOoooo… That would be so pretty!

    @ Christy — That is the perfect song to go along with this!! Great idea!

  7. @ cipi — A lamp shade would work so beautifully! A friend of mine from college had something similar and it was so fabulous! I remember she got lots of compliments on it! Your little guy is going to LOVE his new room… wow!!

  8. Stephanie Griffith says

    Fun! I like that it's not messy, too. That's always a bonus.

  9. such a cute idea my little boy will love this. Thanks for stopped by my blog. And yes that was my first ever Decoupaging project. I cant wait to learn to sew with you.

  10. OMG that is soo coool. You have the most creative arts and crafts ideas ever. I really enjoy reading your posts!!

  11. Nadia@FunWithMama says

    youve always got such easy and creative ideas!! thanks for sharing

  12. shraddha/april@theselfloveproject says

    i love those!!

    just the suercutest!


  13. What a great idea. My M would really enjoy this one!

  14. Melissa @ A Child at Play says

    What a great idea – this would be a fun camping project!

  15. What a great idea and so simple too. Thanks.

  16. Another very cute idea!

  17. That is a terrific idea. So fun.

  18. The Magic Onions says

    I LOVE this… we dont have fireflies here and I feel so sad for my kids as they were such a magic part of my childhood! We'll be making our own now!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings and magic.