Crafts for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Do your kids have off from school today? Looking for something creative to do?? In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I thought it would be fun to highlight a few crafts to promote peace.

Each one of these peace signs is unique, and it’s a very toddler-friendly art project!! Instructions can be found here.

This peace dove painting was made using a hand print! Click here for the how-to.

This dove garland is beautiful and very frugal to make — using coffee filters! Click here for instructions and a free downloadable pattern.

Have fun!!


  1. Very peaceful. I really like the dove garland!

  2. All great ideas. I love the dove garland. Someday you will have to let us know if and how you store all of the girls’ creations. I struggle with this. Most of our stuff ends up in the recycling bin, but there are so many things I have trouble parting with!!

  3. Great ideas!
    We did a post about Martin Luther King day too!

    Have a great day Valerie!

  4. I love the birds!!

  5. Those are great ideas. Peace is a great example for MLK,jr.

  6. That dove garland is one of my all-time favorite posts from your blog!

  7. Love that dove garland. I think Jeff might complain if I steal too many of his coffee filters though……

  8. Oh shoot! I so WISH I had seen your coffee filter doves a week ago- they would have accompanied our Sunday School lesson about Jesus’ baptism SO WELL!

    Creative AND cheap- the best kinds of crafts while working in a church setting… :0)

    (I will be mentally filing this craft way for another time…)

  9. The peace signs are beautiful – what a great way to focus on what matters – peace.

  10. Another great project on the board for homeschool tomorrow!


    i <3 peace signs!

  11. I am SO glad you posted this! I had NO idea what we were going to do with our Rowdy Readers (homeschool book club, roughly ages 4-7) when I picked Martin Luther King Jr. as our theme this week, when I saw this post! Since I have a need to make things more elaborate (meaning I have no realistic ideas of my own limits lol) and knowing what I do about coffee filters, I decided to “tie-dye” our birds by having the kids color them with water based markers, then we made the garlands and sprayed them with water. They loved how neat the birds looked when they were folded on the garland, and loved the colors! (Oh I then layered them between paper towels to bring home!) What a fun, easy craft!

  12. The coffee filter doves are amazing! Great idea craft on MLK day!


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