Strawberry Necklaces at the Park

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We were blessed with gorgeous weather here, so the girls and I spent as much time as possible outside. A few weeks ago, we found this craft idea in the book Crafts to Make in the Summer. Sure, we could just go out and buy a bag of walnuts, but I used it as an excuse to visit our favorite park that features plenty of large walnut trees. One of the highlights from the park was this….

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….Clara’s first time on the Merry-Go-Round! The girls had lots of fun on the playground and then Emily went on a hunt for walnuts and acorns. She gathered them up into her garden goody bag.

Emily painted the walnuts red and I cut out the leaves from green felt. While the paint was drying, she threaded the yarn through the leaves for the necklace.
The girls enjoyed some more time on the playground, and then once the paint was dry, Emily used a black marker to make black dots. Of course, she could not resist the temptation to draw a face on her strawberry as well!
This one was her favorite. She named him, “Mr. Chit Chat” because he looks like he’s talking.

Emily declared today the “Best Park Day Ever”!

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  1. What a fun idea, and great pictures, too!

  2. I love everything about this post. First of all, I haven't seen a merry go round in years; they seem to have removed all of them from MA. Secondly, the photos are gorgeous. And, to top it all off, this is a great idea! You are awesome!

  3. Those are really darling.

  4. @ Christy — Those merry go rounds are hard to find here too. This is the only park I know of that has them. There are three at this one park! It even has real see-saws… and get this… METAL slides! Emily really gets moving on those — especially when we bring wax paper for her to sit on. Hee hee!

  5. Your girls are so cute! I just recently came upon your blog and have gotten so many great ideas from it.

    I have some awards for you on my blog.
    The link is:

  6. You can't find real merry go rounds anywhere…Lucky.

    The necklaces are adorable too. I think you might be the only mom I know who'd think to bring craft stuff to the park. Very cool.

  7. EntertainingMom says

    what a great idea! I love it!

  8. centralillinoisian says

    we have merry-go-rounds at all of our parks. Too bad my son does not enjoy them too much. I love the pics. The girls both look like they had a blast!

  9. ONe PiNK FiSH says

    What an easy and cute idea.

  10. Val in the Rose Garden says

    Those are adorable! I love that you did a craft in the park. 🙂


  11. Melissa @ A Child at Play says

    Fun craft! Whatever happened to all of the merry-go-rounds? I love the old playgrounds, bring back lots of memories!

  12. @ Ivy — The park is the perfect place for doing art! I never realized that was a rare thing, but now that you mention it…. I don't think I've ever seen another mom with craft stuff there either! I almost always bring extra supplies in case some of the other moms or kids want to join us. It's so much fun!

  13. The Magic Onions says

    What a sweet little strawberry! I can see us doing this soon… please can you share it on 'Friday's Nature Table' on my blog tomorrow…
    Blessings and magic.

  14. great craft! and crafting in the great outdoors – even better!

    i love the smiles on your girls' faces. they're obviously having a great time.

    thanks for sharing this with the Friday Nature table group.

  15. Those are great pictures! What a creative idea. 🙂

  16. Earth Mama says

    A wonderful idea!! Thanks for sharing:-)

  17. Green Mamma says

    Awesome! We are defintely going to try this one . . . am printing the activity out right now, 🙂

  18. chrisnallynkids says

    How fun!!!! What a great way to make memories! We'll just have to do this soon!