Mint-TEA Fresh

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you probably know about my profound love for tea. (I’ve mentioned it here, here, and oh yes, here…)

Today, Emily and I made our own organic mint tea! It was so easy and lots of fun to make!
First, we gathered lots and lots of mint from the side yard of our house.
Next, we separated the leaves from the stems. Only the best leaves were chosen by my discriminating tea maker.
I chopped most of the mint using a cutting board and a knife, but Emily wanted to help too. She cut some mint using scissors!
I made some tea bags using very sheer fabric and the serger. Just a long rectangle 2″ x 6″ folded in half with one seam on each side to form a pocket. Emily helped stuff the tea bags. We made sure they were really stuffed full!!
I used the serger to make the last seam across the top of the bag, and left a little space with just thread, and then attached a small tag. “M” is for “Mint”, of course!
The taste test had great results!!
Mmmmm…. so tasty and minty fresh! A set of these would be a perfect gift for any tea-drinker!


  1. What a great idea! I would have just used a tea ball, but sewing your own tea bags is a super cute idea!

  2. I love mint tea!

  3. They turned out so cute! I have made a larger version for "bath tea" using various herbs to scent bathwater.

  4. EntertainingMom says

    how wonderful!!! I don't sew and I'm thinking a glue gun would not be great for this! LOL

    btw… we did a totally Frugal project today… so up your alley… so something you would do… I am about to go post it!

  5. I also love a warm cup of tea, I find it so relaxing.

    Your mint tea bags are so sweet and I can just imagine the aroma coming from that cup.

  6. @ Sheri — Bath tea sounds like a fabulous idea!! I might have to try that with some lavender…. Mmmm…. Great idea!!

  7. @ Entertaining Mom — Oooo.. I'm so curious! I'm heading over to check it out!

  8. oooooooo I love tea, and I love mint too.
    I have to try this.
    There's only mint in there?
    And you put this in boiling water, as you can do for tea?

  9. @ cipi — Yes, just mint, and you steep it in boiling water…. It is so tasty! I don't know why I didn't think to do this before. We've had TONS of mint growing along the side of the house since we moved in. I just didn't know what to really use it for, but the tea works perfectly!

  10. EntertainingMom says

    Valerie…. I did another AMAZING project yesterday. Not with the kids. Just tested it out on mine… a reverse tie die shirt. Navy shirt. Rubber bands. In bleach 10 hours… I am so impressed with myself! Will do this with a couple of the kids shirts today and then if they like we'll go buy a cheapie shirt at target or someplace… will post as soon as shirt comes out of the dryer!

  11. Stephanie Griffith says


  12. Thank you Valerie.
    So I have to plant mint next season ;P

  13. Mommy-Wise says

    Oh… my grandmother used to make me organic mint tea straight from her garden. …sigh… I'm craving it now…

  14. Wow! You really rock with how much you do. How do you find the time? Those came out wonderfully. I like mint tea too.