Marble Painted Valentines – Gift Kids Can Make

Marble painted Valentines are a great handmade gift that kids can make with stunning results! I love how each print is completely unique. Creating the swirls of paint has a wonderful calming effect. Making these marble painted Valentines for family and friends will be sure to keep the kids happily entertained for a long while!

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Marble Painted Valentines - Gift Kids Can Make

To make marble painted Valentines, you will need:

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How to make the marble painted Valentines:

Fill the shallow dish with a layer of shaving cream. Invite your child to use a craft stick to spread out the shaving cream so it fills the bottom of the dish. Next, your child can use an eye dropper to add drops of liquid watercolor paint to the surface of the shaving cream.

Now comes the fun part! Invite your child to use a toothpick or paintbrush to swirl the paint around to create unique marbled designs. For these Valentines, we used shades of pink and purple paint. My kids loved creating patterns with the paint and shaving cream!

Marble Painted Valentines - Gift Kids Can Make

To create a print of the marbled design, lay a sheet of thick cardstock paper on top of the paint and shaving cream mixture. Next, apply some light pressure to ensure that the paper has made contact with the paint. Invite your child to carefully peel back the paper. At this point, the cardstock paper will have a thick layer of shaving cream attached to it. Use a piece of cardboard to scrape off the excess paint and shaving cream, and it will reveal a stunning marbled print underneath! Very cool!

Lastly, allow your prints to dry completely before cutting out shapes to create bookmarks or handmade cards. Be sure to mail your completed cards, or give your unique artwork to someone special! Have fun!

Marble Painted Valentines - Gift Kids Can Make

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