Watermelon Garland – Easy Paper Plate Craft

This watermelon garland is an easy paper plate craft the kids can make! It would be perfect for displaying during festive Summer parties or barbecues. You could use this watermelon garland to decorate picnic tables, an outdoor patio, or any place that could use some bright and colorful decor. You may have seen similar garlands for sale at party supply stores. However, we found that it is cheaper and a lot more fun to make your own!

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Watermelon Garland - Easy Paper Plate Craft


To make a watermelon garland of your own, you will need:

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First, gather up your supplies. Then, invite your child to paint the center of a paper plate with pink tempera paint. Next, add green tempera paint around the outer rim of the paper plate for the rind. Allow the paint to dry.

Once the paint is dry, invite your child to use a cotton swab dipped in black tempera paint to add the seeds. Again, allow the paint to dry completely.

Use scissors to cut each painted paper plate in half, and then each half into three equal pie-shaped sections. You should have a total of six watermelon slices per paper plate. Lastly, use clear tape on the back of each watermelon segment to attach the yarn.

Have fun!!

Other Fruit Variations:

Paint up paper plates with yellow or orange paint to create lemon or orange fruit segments as shown above.

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