#PokemonAtGameStop Power Trade Offer – Limited Time!

It’s the 20th anniversary year of Pokémon! Do you have someone on your holiday gift list who would love the new Pokémon Sun and/or Pokémon Moon games for Nintendo 3DS? If so, GameStop is offering a great Power Trade offer that could be used towards the purchase of Pokémon Sun or Moon for less! It is a great way to clear out your older games or accessories while checking off an item on the holiday gift list. #PokemonAtGameStop Power Trade Offer Everyone in our family enjoys playing various versions of Pokémon. Both Mark and I especially loved playing Pokémon Go during the Summer and Fall because it was a great excuse to explore outdoors. However, with the colder Winter months soon approaching, Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon would be great for indoor play. We are very excited for the new release!

About Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon:

In Pokémon Sun and Moon, players use the help of Professor Kukui and his assistant Lillie to explore the Alola region — tons of new Pokémon in a tropical paradise setting! There are four new islands to explore. The new starters to chose from are: grass type Rowlet, water type Popplio, and fire type Litten. There are new legendary Pokémon to battle too. You can even try new modes of multiplayer battles like Battle Royal. Very cool!

Power Trade Offer:

I love that GameStop accepts trade-ins because it is a great way to turn your old games into new ones! If you have old video games or accessories, bring them to GameStop for a special Power Trade offer. You can get a 20% power trade toward the new Pokémon Sun and Moon. The offer is expires 12/4, so be sure to hurry! #PokemonAtGameStop Power Trade Offer

Other Pokémon Finds:

GameStop also features a great selection of Pokémon merchandize! You can find figurines, Z-Rings, t-shirts, and other great collectibles for Pokémon fans of all ages. I love how the store associates at GameStop are so friendly and willing to help! I was warmly welcomed upon entering the store, and it is helpful to know that if I had any questions, I could easily approach a store associate for more information.

Find Pokémon Collectibles Here.

#PokemonAtGameStop Power Trade Offer

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  1. My son likes Super Mario Sticker Star.

  2. Sonic the Hedgehog is my favorite video game.

  3. tweet–https://twitter.com/mami2jcn/status/801554455305056257

  4. Julie Wood says:

    My favorite video game is Fantasy Life. So addicting and fun to play!

  5. Julie Wood says:


  6. My all time favorite video game is Mario Party! I used to play it with my brother all the time.

  7. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    My all time favorite video game is Ms. PacMan! I loved that game:)

  8. Leigh Anne Borders says:
  9. Jessica To says:

    My favorite video game has always been Pac-man.

  10. My favorite video game is Super Mario

  11. I am still. Fan of Pacman and Ms. Pacman.

  12. My favorite all time video game is PacMan hands down.

  13. My favorite video game is Mario Party.

  14. Dana Rodriguez says:

    I always loved Mario Brothers.

  15. Dana Rodriguez says:
  16. Allison Swain says:

    My favorite game is Harvest moon! Thanks for the giveaway

  17. Allison Swain says:
  18. Steve Weber says:

    My all time favorite game is GoldenEye for N64

    groogruxking40 @ gmail dot com

  19. Steve Weber says:
  20. My favorite game is DotA 2.

  21. Nicole Martin says:

    My all time favorite game is Tetris!

  22. Stephanie Phelps says:

    My favorite game of all time was Tetris. I loved playing that with my mom~

  23. Stephanie Phelps says:
  24. i love playing mario kart

  25. My all time favorite video game is Donkey Kong.

  26. the original super mario brothers game

  27. My favorite is Tetris.

  28. Susan Smith says:

    My favorite video game is Mario Party!

  29. Susan Smith says:
  30. Jennifer W says:

    My favorite video game is Mass Effect.

  31. New Super Mario Bros is my all-time favorite video game.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  32. tweet-https://twitter.com/tcarolinep/status/803424125645623302

  33. My all-time favorite video game is Mario Kart 8 for the wiiU. I love playing it on the game pad when the kids are at school!

  34. I like mario brothers

  35. My all time favorite video game is Super Mario 3.

  36. My favorite video game is The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

  37. Tee Anderson says:

    My favorite video game is Super Mario.

  38. Tee Anderson says:
  39. I used to like Pitfall and Metroid (haven’t played any for quite a few years!).

  40. I enjoy games of strategy and problem solving. My boys like sports games and usually play soccer video games with their friends. We invite them over for a pizza night.

  41. Lisa Brown says:

    for me, pac-man

  42. Lisa Brown says:


  43. My all-time fav video game has to be Pac-Man. hahaha As a kid of the 70s-80s, it is iconic!

  44. I’m old school – Pac Man!

  45. maria cantu says:

    My favorite video game is ms. pacman.

  46. Thomas Murphy says:

    My favorite game is mario kart.

  47. Thomas Murphy says:
  48. My all time favorite is Super Mario. I really enjoyed Animal Crossing too.

  49. Ellie Wright says:

    My favorite was always Donkey Kong.

  50. Ellie Wright says:
  51. I’ve never been into video games. I remember playing Packman many moons ago.
    Thanks for the contest.

  52. Barbara Montag says:

    I love all Mahjong video games.
    thank you

  53. Barbara Montag says:
  54. Kathryn C says:

    #SweepstakesEntry- comment

    my all time favorite video game was Pitfall !


  55. Kathryn C says:
  56. All time game is Tetris (I even had the watch!).

  57. I love Super Mario 2.

  58. shelly peterson says:

    Pac Man is my all time favorite.
    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  59. shelly peterson says:

    tweeted https://twitter.com/cshell202/status/805542264579592192
    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  60. i love the classic donkey kong

  61. Angela Saver says:

    My favorite video game ever is Super Mario Bros!


  62. Angela Saver says: