Absolute Essential Craft Supplies for Kids

5 Craft Experts Share Their Favorite Must-Have Craft Supplies for Inspiring Creativity

Wondering what art supplies to have on-hand? If the wide selection of craft supplies seems daunting, don’t worry! I’ve asked my fellow blogging friends and craft experts if they could only pick just THREE craft supplies for kids which ones they would choose. You may be surprised to know that many of these items are inexpensive, can be found at your local grocery store, or you may already have many of these art supplies in your home!

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Here are the absolute essential craft supplies for kids as shared by 5 craft experts from around the web:

Maggy from Red Ted Art suggests:

Currently in our house, masking tape, scissors and felt tip pens are constantly in use and scattered around the house…
— Maggy from Red Ted Art


Rachel from Kids Activities Blog suggests:

School glue, food dye and high quality pastels. We go through TONS of those supplies throughout the year, I can never have enough in stock! — Rachel from Kids Activities Blog


Rachelle from Tinkerlab® suggests:

Felt tip markers, paper, and tape. From those three supplies my kids have made cards, announcements, awards, landscapes, and birthday planners. — Rachelle from Tinkerlab®


Jean from The Artful Parent suggests:

Permanent markers, glue, and paper seem to be the go-to supplies of our household. They are used ALL the time for everything from arts and crafts to cootie catchers and paper shoes. — Jean from The Artful Parent

Check out a variety of examples from The Artful Parent using these materials:


Valerie from Inner Child Fun suggests:

Watercolor colored pencils, paint brushes, watercolor paper. Perfect for art on-the-go. Not only are these supplies included in our nature packs to inspire creativity at the playground or park, but they are also used all the time at home too! –Valerie from Inner Child Fun


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  1. Great post! Love seeing what everyone chose. My top 3 are oil pastels, watercolor paper, and watercolors. (tape and sharpies would be next) Thanks for this! Love the reminder about watercolor pencils.

    • Those are great picks — and so many things can be made from them! Thanks so much for stopping by to share! 🙂