DIY Cleaning Kit for Kids

It’s time for Spring cleaning, and what better way to make cleaning fun for kids than to put together a cleaning kit of their very own? This cleaning kit for kids is simple and easy to make! Many Montessori-inspired homes and classrooms use cleaning activities to teach kids important life skills, but the cleaning tools can be very expensive. The best part is cleaning kit is that all of these items can be found at your local dollar store. Finally, an affordable cleaning kit the kids can use that doesn’t cost a fortune!

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Here’s how to make a cleaning kit for kids of your own:

DIY Cleaning Kit for Kids - made with dollar store items. My kids would love this!

Step 1 — Gather Your Materials:

Some ideas for what to include in your cleaning kit:

Step 2 — Personalize It (optional)

On a piece of paper, write your child’s name along with “cleaning kit” to give your project a more finished look. Attach to the bucket with clear packaging tape over top to protect the label from water.

Step 3 — Invite the Kids to Help Clean

Many little ones enjoy doing meaningful work, and cleaning simple things can be a great way for them to contribute to the household while practicing important life skills. My kids love to clean table tops, countertops, dust furniture, and they especially love to wash windows! They were so happy to have cleaning kits of their own, and I love how this can be a constructive way for them to burn off some their seemingly endless amounts of energy.

More Cleaning Ideas:

DIY Cleaning Kit for Kids - made with dollar store items. My kids would love this!

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  1. Kids definitely feel inspired and motivated when you give them their own thing that the can use. I agree that they should be involved in all kinds of stuff in and out the house and cleaning is a great beginning! I love your ideas! I have seen small brushes and mops that are so cute and the would be great for my to little girls! Thanks for sharing!