Learning Activities for Spring

Are you ready to welcome Spring? These learning activities are perfect for exploring nature, colors, windy days, birds, gardening and so much more that Spring has to offer! Most of these learning activities for Spring can be done at home with materials you probably already have on-hand.

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Here are some of our favorite learning activities for Spring:

Learning Activities for Spring

5 Amazing Hikes to Take with Kids

These five amazing hikes to take with kids weren’t a conscious thing at first… it just started with a walk in the woods, which then turned into a weekly walk in the woods, which then turned into a hike with friends out beyond the confines of cellphone reception and into the world of “leave only footprints, take only pictures”.

Learning Activities for Spring

Outdoor Color Match Activity

For a fun time, put paint chip cards of different colors on a binder ring, and punch a large hole in each shade. Go outside and try to match all the colors!!

Learning Activities for Spring

Learn How to Make A Simple Kite

The breezy days of spring are perfect for picnics and kite flying. Here’s a super easy kite tutorial that you can make with your kids using a sheet of paper, tape, string, and a bamboo skewer.

Learning Activities for Spring

Make a Spring Memory Game

Here’s a simple Spring memory game you can make yourself!

Learning Activities for Spring

Make and Play a Button Flower Game

Practice fine motor skills, sequencing, counting, color names and more with this easy button flower game.

Learning Activities for Spring

Make Your Own Heart Shaped Bird Feeders

Spruce up your yard, help the birds, and get your kids involved! This simple project will have you cooking up some fun and creative bird feeders with your kids.

Craft Up Some Fairy Doors

Add a bit of whimsy to an outdoor space with these adorable fairy doors to inspire plenty of imaginative storytelling fun!

Learning Activities for Spring

Try Some Process-Based Gardening with the Kids

The learning opportunities are virtually limitless in a garden. Here are some ideas to foster process-based gardening for kids to explore.

Learn More About Starting a Kids Nature Collection

A simple idea to get kids interested in learning more about nature, the seasons, and respecting the environment.

Set Up a Preschool Dinosaur Dig

For little ones who love to learn more about dinosaurs, this preschool dinosaur dig can be done in your own kitchen!

Learning Activities for Spring

Check Out Some of Our Favorite Books to Celebrate Spring

Perfect if you are on the lookout for a few interesting children’s books to add to your story time this season.

Play a Game of Nature Inspired Tic-Tac-Toe

Teach kids how to play tic-tac-toe with this nature inspired version of the classic game!

Make and Plant Recycled Paper Seed Cards

These would make lovely cards to send (or receive) in the mail, and they are made from recycled paper. Plant the paper (which contains seeds) and watch it bloom!

Learning Activities for Spring

For more Spring activities to do with the kids, check out our Ways to Play Spring 2015 Printable Calendar . It’s full of fun and festive kid-friendly activities for March, April, and May!

Ways to Play Spring 2015 Printable Calendar

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Have fun!!