Valentine Craft for Kids

This Valentine craft for kids would be great to do as a party activity! Here’s how to make Cupid Cottages from paper bags, recycled newspaper, Valentine stickers, and some leftover crafty bits you may already have on-hand. These would look great as a table centerpiece or on display in your home! My kids had so much fun crafting up their Cupid cottages after school one afternoon, and they have plans to add even more cottages as we get closer to Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Craft for Kids - Cupid Cottages

To make a Cupid Cottage of your own, you will need:

Step 1:

Invite your child to decorate the outside of the paper bag with markers, labels, and sticker to add doors, windows, and decorations.

Step 2:

Stuff the bag about half way with newspaper, and staple into place.

Step 3:

Use tacky glue to attach pom poms or pieces of paper straws.

Step 4:

Fold a half sheet of colored paper in half to form the roof, and place on top. Decorate the roof, if desired.

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