5 Creative Ways to Display Your Child’s Artwork…

Did you know that March is National Youth Art Month?  The goal of Youth Art Month is to “emphasize the value of participating in art for all children.”  One of the easiest ways to participate in your own home this month and to support your children and their art work is to display their art work in your own home.  Children love seeing their art work being displayed, it makes them feel good about what they’ve made and encourages them to continue to explore their own creativity.

While the refrigerator is still an old favorite for kid art, there are a few other fun and creative ways to display their art as well… 5 Creative Ways  to Display Your  Child's Artwork
1.  Make your own original art wall decals…

    These are so simple and so much fun to make as well!  Your child will love getting the chance to make their own wall decals and decorate their rooms with original artwork! 

Supplies:  child’s art work, scissors, clear matte contact paper, something to smooth out the contact paper (a credit card works well) IMG_0708
To make:  cut out artwork, cut a piece of contact paper that is larger than the art, peel the back of the contact paper off and place on a work surface with the sticky side up. DIY decal Collage arrows
Place art work face down on the sticky side of the contact paper.  Cut an additional, larger piece, of contact paper and place on work surface with paper backing facing down.  Carefully flip over the contact paper with the artwork on it and stick it to the non sticky side of your second piece of contact paper.  Do this slowly and smooth as you go to prevent any bubbles.  Next, leaving about 1/4″ excess border, cut around your child’s artwork.  And there you have it, original art work decals… Decal Collage
Once the artwork is cut out it’s time to stick to the wall!  Peel off the paper backing and smooth onto the wall… Hanging decals CollageEnjoy beautiful little bits of art all over the house!  Wall decalsThese are loads of fun!  They are also temporary, they simply peel off when you are finished with them.  They would be a perfect addition to a play room, a child’s room or anywhere in the house.  Plus, they’d be a great housewarming or kid birthday gift too! 

After you’ve made your own wall decals you might be looking for a few more creative ways to display your child’s artwork…

2.  Toddler Art Coat Rack… 6a01156fdc946b970b019aff4a900f970c-800wiHave your child paint a piece of wood and then turn it into a coat rack for the whole family to use.

3.  Stitch your child’s drawing… 6a01156fdc946b970b0168eb19b3d5970c-800wiTransfer your child’s drawing onto fabric and embroider a pretty tea towel.

4.  Polymer Clay Doodle Magnets… Image-Transfer-Magnets-1.2Transfer your child’s drawings onto polymer clay and make fun magnets (for your refrigerator).

5.  Make an art poster…

Gather several of your child’s masterpieces into one big poster to put on display.

There are so many fun ways to display your child’s artwork, keep the refrigerator looking neat and tidy and try some of these clever display ideas, you and your child will love them!


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