Kid Illustrated Summer Memory Books

The end of the summer is bittersweet; it’s sad to say goodbye to the warm weather and time with the kids, but the new school year and upcoming seasons are wonderful things to look forward to. We celebrated summer’s end by creating Summer Memory Books, illustrated and put together by the boys!

Kid Illustrated Summer Memory Books

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Kid Illustrated Summer Memory Books were an enjoyable activity because it took the pressure off of me! I supplied the paper and the crayons – the boys did the rest! We sat down together under the shade of a Sugar Maple tree, where I asked them to draw pictures of their favorite summer memories.

Kid Illustrated Summer Memory BooksWhen their pictures were finished, I said, “Tell me about your drawing.” I helped them put their words into complete sentences, then wrote their sentences on the lines on the bottom of the page.

Kid Illustrated Summer Memory BooksIt was fun for me to learn about the activities, vacations, and outings that were important to them. Owen spent a lot of time drawing a picture of fireworks, as this summer was his first time seeing them! He made sure to draw fireworks in every color!

Kid Illustrated Summer Memory BooksColin drew about our trip to the ocean. You can’t see it in the photograph, but he drew himself in the water with a smile!

How do you preserve summer memories?