Learning in an Instant- Letter Sounds Hopscotch

We’ve been talking about fun ways to play and learn with sidewalk chalk, and today we have another playful idea to share. Letter Sounds Hopscotch! Encourage your kids to practice letter sounds and their gross motor skills with this simple game. 

Learning in an Instant- Letter Sounds Hopscotch

Instead of drawing numbers in your hopscotch grid, draw objects beginning with the letter sound you’d like to focus on. You can also label each picture accordingly. To play, simply toss a rock onto the grid and start hoping! As you reach the rock, say the word that is in that square. “Fish. F is for fish.”

You can focus on one letter sound per game, which would be great for a “letter of the week” program, or you could mix things up by practicing more than one sound. This game is also a great way to practice articulation for speech therapy. 

Happy hopping! 

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Joyce is the mom behind Childhood Beckons, where she encourages parents to focus on their families and the childhood that beckons them. Her motto is "Childhood is calling my son to play and explore. And childhood is calling me to help him on his journey." She enjoys discovering creative ways to play and learn and passing along her family's favorites.