Kid Craft: Upcycled Clipboard

This creative craft for kids project is sponsored by Mod Podge Washout for Kids, an all-in-one sealer, glue, and finish that is designed to be kid-friendly and washes out of clothes in the washing machine and Apple Barrel paint, an all-purpose acrylic paint that comes in a wide variety of colors. 

These upcycled clipboards will keep the kids busy crafting, and can be made for a useful Mother’s Day or teacher appreciation gift! They are easy to make, and all you need is some tissue paper, an inexpensive plain clipboard, ModPodge Washout for Kids, paintbrushes, and black Apple Barrel acrylic paint.

Kid Craft: Upcycled Clipboard

Cut small squares of tissue paper, and invite your child over to apply a thin coat of ModPodge Washout for Kids over the clipboard using a paintbrush. Arrange the tissue paper squares however you’d like! Emily loved overlapping hers a bit for a funky collage look. Apply another layer of ModPodge over top of the entire clipboard, and allow to dry completely.

I love having ModPodge on-hand for the kids to use for any impromptu collage or decoupage projects — a fantastic boredom buster!

Kid Craft: Upcycled Clipboard

Once the clipboard is dry, it will have a clear glossy finish. Outline the tissue paper squares using a thin paint brush with black Apple Barrel acrylic paint for a more finished look, and allow to dry.

Kid Craft: Upcycled Clipboard

Apply a final thin coat of ModPodge, and allow to dry completely.

Kid Craft: Upcycled Clipboard

I love how each of these clipboards is unique, and the ModPodge gives them a smooth glossy finish that is easy for the kids to apply! More importantly, I was impressed with how easily the ModPodge washes out of clothes and from the paintbrush with soap and water, even when dry! Apple Barrel acrylic paint also washes out easily with soap and water while the paint is still wet.

Have fun!!

Disclosure: A big thank you to ModPodge Washout for Kids and Apple Barrel acrylic paints for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own. Full disclosure policy is here.


  1. I didn’t know that you are supposed to use modge podge before you put stuff down. This is a great activity…have you ever used glue and water in place of modge podge? And if so what do find are the differences?

    • Great question, Faigie! I would say the biggest difference is the type of finish. This gives a gloss finish to it, and the glue/water mixture is a more matte finish. I also noticed that the Mod Podge works as a better sealer.

  2. This is so pretty! I love the bright colors!

  3. This is gorgeous! What an awesome kids’ craft!

  4. Allison Warren says

    What an awesome craft that even my 4 year old could do with help from me! She and my son have 9 teachers at their school/daycare and so we made 9 of these for teacher appreciation! I’m a teacher myself and I love how useful this gift is -definitely one that won’t be tossed to the side and forgotten!! This craft is a keeper for my kids elementary school teacher appreciation gifts for the next few years for sure!!!

  5. You might want to decorate the other side too. I found that out when I used my clipboard for tutoring and my student asked why I didn’t decorate the other side facing her.

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