DIY Button Flower Learning Game for Kids

Signs of Spring are showing up everywhere! What better way to welcome Spring than with a bouquet of bright, colorful flowers? We made our bouquet with simple buttons and pipe cleaners, but took it a step further and made up a button flower game. It’s quick, easy, and lots of fun!

DIY Button Flower Learning Game for Kids

Here is what you’ll need:

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Buttons
  • Die
  • Cards with the button colors written on them

These are the rules:

  • Place the cards face down in a pile
  • Roll the die, the number you roll is the amount of cards you take
  • Thread your buttons onto the pipe cleaner in the order you drew the cards
  • Play until you run out of buttons!

DIY Button Flower Learning Game for Kids

DIY Button Flower Learning Game for Kids

Not only will you get a beautiful, unique bouquet of button flowers from playing this game, but your children will be practicing several important skills:

  • Fine motor skills: threading the buttons onto the pipe cleaners is great for working those hand and finger muscles
  • Sequencing: following the cards and putting the buttons on in order is great for learning what comes “first, second, third…”
  • Colors: matching button colors to the card colors is fun and learning at the same time!
  • Color words: having the color words written on the card helps with color word recognition
  • Counting: rolling the die and counting the dots is great for learning numbers 1-6
  • One to one correspondence: comes from choosing one card for every dot on the die

When you’re done with your bouquet why not make a few more and pop them into colorful pots to give to loved ones as gifts!

DIY Button Flower Learning Game for Kids


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