Container Gardening — Potted Herbs

This container gardening project is brought to you by the Michaels® RE-Love Blogger Challenge. Thanks to a quick shopping trip to Michaels to buy outdoor patio paint and brushes, I was able to turn an old set of terra cotta pots that was collecting dust in the garage into this bright and cheerful potted herb garden! I thought you may want to make one of your own too? This was a very easy and inexpensive project, and the pots can be used indoors or out.

DIY Potted Herb Garden

To make your own container herb garden, you will need some terra cotta pots, outdoor patio paint in your choice of color(s), a paintbrush, potting soil, herb plants (or seeds), and some seed marker signs (optional).


Start by giving your container(s) a good wash and make sure they are completely dry. Then, paint them however you would like, and allow them to dry completely in-between coats. This set of pots needed two coats total. Once the paint is dry, fill with your plants (or seeds) and potting soil. Add the seed marker signs, if desired. Set in a sunny location indoors (or out), and enjoy!

DIY Potted Herb Garden

michaelslogosmallA BIG thank you to Michaels® for providing me with plenty of art and craft supplies, and for inviting me to participate in the RE-love blogger challenge! All opinions are my own.