Cherishing Simple Pleasures in Spring

“I must admit I’m a bit of an Autumn girl, but you really can’t beat the magic of Spring!” ~ Jane

In the Spring, we love going outside and searching our garden for new flowers that might be peaking up, and identifying the birds and bugs in our yard.  There is so much wonderment in Spring, which makes it so easy to find joy in such small pleasures. 

Here are a few of my favorite things about those early days of Spring …20 Simple Ways to enjoy spring

1) Dining alfresco.

2) Cooking with our fresh Spring veggies.

3) The smell of fresh cut grass.

4) Buzzing of bumble bees.

Alfresco, veggies, grass, bugs

5) Going puddle jumping.

6) Making mudpies.

7) Taking a walk (and pretending that you are marching in a parade).

8) Prepping your outdoor space for this year’s plantings.

Puddles, mud, marching band, gardening
9) Picking some wildflowers.

10) Putting them in a vase.

11) Going Exploring.

12) Dusting off your bike.
Flowers, vase, investigate, bike

13) Kicking your feet up.

14) Brightening your yard with some freshly painted bird houses.

15) Cleaning out your garden,

16) then making a bird nest decoration from the debris (mine is made of dead thyme and some English Ivy vines).

17) Giving the birds a head start with their nests by providing them with some yarn and fabric scraps to use.

Breezes, bird houses, nests

18) Breaking out the sidewalk chalk.

19) Listening to the sounds of outside fun and giggling.

20) Being outside, and being happy.

Be happy

And now at the end of this list of sweet and fun things, I’m starting to wonder, maybe I might be a Spring girl after all!

What are some of your favorite things about Spring?


  1. What a great list. I am more of a fallback myself, but spring sure is growing on me 🙂