Felted Sweater Sweetheart Garland

Felted Heart Garland

This simple project takes only minutes to make with your kids but makes a big impact on your Valentine’s holiday decor! 

Felted Sweater Heart Garland

You need:

  • Felted Sweater bits and pieces
  • A sewing machine with thread
  • Scissors


Have your kids cut out circles and hearts from the felted sweater bits.  There is no right or wrong size, but if they are all similar in scale that will help the sewing process.

Pull about a foot of thread from the back of your sewing machine before sewing.  This will create a tail that you can tack or tape to your mantel or wherever you choose to hang your garland.

Then, carefully, feed the sweater hearts and circles through your machine.  Do not leave any space between the hearts.  The machine will space them for you. 

When you have your garland to the desired length, pull another foot or so of thread for the tail at this end.

Place in a area of your home that needs some holiday cheer!

Felted Heart Garland

In the span of a nap time, my daughter and I had made this beautiful garland and had enough time to make some muffins for snack afterwards! 

Happy sewing!

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