Daily Routines and Learning Life Skills

Fall is often a time for new routines and schedules as families say goodbye to carefree summer days and head back to school. Setting up a routine is a wonderful way to welcome in the season while allowing children to learn and practice valuable life skills. This video from Angelique shares a few daily activities and the things children are learning while completing them.  Enjoy! And please be sure to subscribe to Angelique’s YouTube Channel for more fun learning videos.

About Joyce

Joyce is the mom behind Childhood Beckons, where she encourages parents to focus on their families and the childhood that beckons them. Her motto is "Childhood is calling my son to play and explore. And childhood is calling me to help him on his journey." She enjoys discovering creative ways to play and learn and passing along her family's favorites.


  1. What a good post!
    Playing with daily routines is such fun and teaches children playfully, without stress (or expectations from our side) to take care of self.
    With Love,

  2. Fantastic video and it’s something that I have been thinking about how to sort out our days and also get it across to J and T

    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I’m glad you liked the video. Good luck on getting things sorted! I’m working on that as well.