Autumn Leaves Song

It’s officially fall! And  Angelique has a wonderful video to get you in the autumn spirit. This video shares a beautiful song about autumn leaves and would be a wonderful video to watch with your kids. Watch and sing along, and if you like this video, you can subscribe to Angelique’s YouTube channel for more inspiring videos. 

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Joyce is the mom behind Childhood Beckons, where she encourages parents to focus on their families and the childhood that beckons them. Her motto is "Childhood is calling my son to play and explore. And childhood is calling me to help him on his journey." She enjoys discovering creative ways to play and learn and passing along her family's favorites.


  1. We love this song very much. It’s easy to sing and the falling down part is the best when you give all kids a color. Calling each color that falls on the ground makes the song interactive and educational 🙂


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