Sunday Snapshot: Dollar Store Boredom Buster

We found the cutest cardboard dollhouses at our local dollar store. I added some paper clips to make stands for the dolls, and the girls loved putting these together to make their own little town!

The cardboard itself is not very sturdy (it’s about as thick as cereal box cardboard), but it has managed to withstand quite a bit of playtime.

I also love that they come apart and lay flat for easy storage!

Yay for simple (and frugal) dollar store boredom busters!


  1. Um, which dollar store? 😉

    • Good question — I’m pretty sure it was Dollar Tree. Hope that helps! I tried to find them listed on their website, but the dollhouses aren’t online. Boo!

  2. Adorable! What dollar store chain was it?

  3. We have one of those too!!! Can’t believe they were only a 1$!