DIY Pretend Spy Kit!

Wondering what to do with the kids? Wish you could go on an exciting adventure? Do you yearn to be a secret agent?? Then this activity is for you! The best part is that most of the components for this Pretend Spy Kit can be found at your local dollar store or you may already have them at home!

This pretend spy kit led to hours of imaginative playtime fun with the kids!

To make your own, gather up some secret spy type things like:

  • flashlight
  • cell phone case
  • watch
  • sunglasses
  • iPlay
  • anything else that is stealthy or cool looking!
We used a pencil box we already had on-hand to hold all of our spy kit items together, and it was a big hit around here!

Clara loved talking into her watch to call for “back-ups”! The girls went on several top secret missions together — very exciting!

And WOW, they are sooooo stealthy, right??

Store your spy kit neatly inside a pencil box when you’re done, and it will be ready for you at a moment’s notice for on-the-go top secret missions!

You may be inspired to craft up a spy laptop from an empty baby wipes container using this tutorial (there’s a free printable too)!

Have fun!!

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  1. Dear Valerie,

    Nobody will ever see them with those brightly colored clothes!


  2. My youngest son will absolutely LOVE this!!! Thank you for sharing!

  3. My kids LOVE to play spy. What a great idea to make your own spy kit!!!

  4. okay – where did you find that awesome box?

    • It’s available on Amazon, and I’ve linked to it above. Hope this helps!!

      • Oops! Sorry about my brainlessness. I saw a link about a pencil box and my mind just didn’t connect that the case pictured was a pencil box! Santa is ordering now and will put a spy kit together for Christmas. Now, if only I could decide which child to give it to…..

  5. You know I think my kids have the exact same pencil box, except they claim theirs are treasure chests……

    PS: Everybody needs a good spy kit.

  6. Love it. We have made a few homemade pretend play kits in boxes. My kids LOVE them.

    Here are spy missions for your children to complete –

  7. You have such lucky kids!! Looking at your happy kids from these fun ideas make me smile 🙂

  8. Found you/ your great idea on Pinterest. I run a family childcare & am working on prop boxes/dramatic play ideas & this is PERFECT! Thank you, thank you!

  9. Awesome ideas! I love the spy kit. We’re having a spy 6th bday party and you’ve given me some great ideas. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Oh I have the cutest pic to show you! One of the parents at my Maddy girls school is a photographer. She took beautiful black and white shots of the kids holding chalk boards with a career of their choice written on it. Maddy’s says SPY. She was dressed all in black that day… guess it was “spy” day. She will LOVE this!


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