Guest Post by Mark – Hand Painted Cards

Mark here (Val’s husband). The girls wanted to surprise Val with some handmade cards for Mother’s Day, and they were so pleased with how these turned out, that they couldn’t resist giving them to her a bit early. Val loved them so much, that she later sat down to paint more cards together with the girls.

Here’s how you can make your own hand painted cards for Mother’s Day, or any other special occasion:

1. Fold a sheet of watercolor paper in half, and invite your child over to scribble on it with pencil.

2. Trace over your child’s designs with a waterproof permanent marker. You can find these at many art supply stores, or, in my case, Val has them everywhere.  Look under the couch.

3. Invite your child to paint all over their designs with watercolor paint.

It’s okay to let the kids be goofballs while doing this, as long as they’re having fun.

4. Encourage your child to cover the entire sheet with the watercolor paint. Better yet, paint alongside with them.


5. Allow the cards to dry completely, then use black masking tape to frame your child’s designs.

6. Remind your child to give the hand painted card to Mom on Mother’s Day!

7. Remind yourself that Mother’s Day comes before Father’s Day.  You need this for some bonus points.

8. Win Husband of the Year Award, repeatedly.



  1. Haha! The cards are beautiful and the post is hilarious. I love the “look under the couch” part! Although I fear it might be slightly detrimental for you to admit that you are reminding yourself that Mother’s Day is before Father’s Day… Unless Father’s Day comes before Val’s birthday… in which case the cycle would just continue.

  2. Any mother would love to have cards like these! Great idea. I am sure they will help you with your campaign for Husband of the Year. 🙂

  3. Looks like you all had lots of fun! I like the idea of using black masking tape to frame the cards – had never thought of that.

  4. What lovely homemade watercolor cards. These are keepsakes for sure. I’d vote for you for Husband of the Year – just taking the time to work with the girls to make something for Val is wonderful – albeit because Father’s Day is around the corner 🙂

    The girls look like they had fun, goofball photos are evidence of that. Are you running for Dad of the Year too? I know 2 lovely little ladies who would vote for ya! 🙂

  5. Sweet cards! I’m sure she absolutely loved them! I’ll send this along to my husband so he can win some points. 😉

  6. I would be thrilled to receive those beautiful cards. Great post.

  7. Ha, Mark, you are hilarious! Love this post – especially the frame around your creations – nice touch!

  8. Lovely, lovely cards. And, coincidentally, we also keep art supplies under the couch. 😉

  9. What beautiful cards. I love that you framed them with black masking tape.

  10. Thanks for the giggle Mark – all Mums need lots of those 🙂

  11. Very pretty! I guess Valerie gets a break from blogging as a special Mother’s Day gift 🙂

  12. I am headed to couch right now to look for those markers…I KNEW I left mine somewhere… ;0)

  13. I think Jeff has made similar remarks about our permanent markers.

  14. They are simply beautiful Mark and I was thrilled you used your dry sense of humor in your writing! One of my favorite things is reading the comments you leave on Valerie’s posts:)

  15. That is such a sweet & thoughtful gift for Valerie 🙂 And you did a great job with the post.

  16. I love that these are mounted on the black paper – such a professional look and makes the child’s artwork really pop!

  17. “aww they are gorgeous” <33 {: