“Tiled” Photo Frame

I saved some of these paint tiles the girls made the other day for some late night crafting of my own — with a cheap clear acrylic photo frame from the dollar store.

After a bit of experimenting, it turns out the “tiles” can be glued to plastic with a bit of Plaid Mod Podge (I used the gloss one) to make unique, personal gifts for family and friends!

Use a paintbrush to apply a bit of the Mod Podge onto the back of each “tile” and press into place on the frame. Allow to dry completely. I love that each of these “tiles” are completely unique!!

To see how the girls made the “tiles” using leftover acrylic paints, click here.

Have fun!!


  1. I see Mother’s Day gifts for Nana and Grandma!!!

  2. That’s one of my favourite photos from your blog. Completely worthy of a lovely tile frame. 🙂 Are you as exhausted as I am after a late night?

    • So sweet, Nicole, thank you! And yes, it will take me awhile to recover — lol! But totally worth it! xoxo

  3. This photo is perfect for that pretty frame!