Pretend Pretzels Made with Cleaning Cloths

The kiddos have been enjoying their cardboard cafe immensely!! Since then, there have been some requests for soft pretzels. Well, they didn’t have to twist my arm! I’ve made pretend pretzels from felt before, but this version is SO much easier — no sewing!!!

To start, you will need some microfiber cleaning cloths. I found these at the dollar store, a two pack, in tan — perfect!

Wow, these are great on “shes”?!? I don’t know what “ountertops” are, but they sound totally awesome! I would say this project falls under the “And More!” category, wouldn’t you??

Anyhoo, each cleaning cloth will make two soft pretzels. Cut the cleaning cloths into four equal long rectangles.

Use hot glue to make the seams as shown… 

Fold the rectange in half, and hot glue into place as shown. Repeat the above steps with a second rectangle of microfiber cloth, and hot glue the two together to form one very long skinny rectangle/roll of “dough”.  

Twist into a pretzel shape and hot glue into place. Yay for easy, quick, no-sew projects that inspire lots of imaginative pretend play fun!!  If you’d like, you could even use fabric paint to add “salt” and/or “mustard”.

Bon Appétit!!



  1. Dear Valerie,

    I don’t know about you, but I think that we need more ountertops in this house. Also, we have 3 “shes” in this house, so we can really put these to good use.


  2. M.F.Peterson says

    Just a note that microfiber cloths can be extremely drying leading to dry, cracked skin. It’s the same material used in cloth diapers and you are never supposed to let the microfiber touch baby’s skin. Just in stuffing those microfiber inserts into the diapers, I’ve often gotten dry, cracked finger tips. So just check the girls’ hands after a few rounds of play.

    • Good point — I let the girls clean w/ them, and so far so good. Although I think it helps that their skin isn’t in constant contact with them the way a diaper would be.

  3. LOL at the label! Those are so cute!

  4. Very cute!

  5. What a fabulous idea!! I recently bought my daughter a Melissa and Dough felt food play set that cost 40$$, With ideas like this one i could have made the same thing myself for way cheaper!! Definitely tucking this idea away for future reference:)

  6. I wonder what shes is supposed to be? I can’t even think of something.

  7. Di-shes?

  8. Love this project! I need to use my glue gun more!