My Favorite Simple Pleasures

I thought it would be fun if you could share some of your favorite simple pleasures — little things that don’t cost much, but never fail to boost your mood. I’ll go first with 10 of my favorites, then leave a comment with some of your own, k??

1. TEA!!!! It is supreme.

2. Jumping on the bed. Weeeee!!

3. Friends who make surprise muffin deliveries! Psst! You should order some cupcakes from her, ’cause they are amazing!!

4. Celebrating National Kiss Day. Oh! Yes!

5. BIG cheesy smiles!

6. Pretzels that come with “eating instructions”.

7. Yogurt!!!!

8. Painting with string… in pajamas!!

9. Teddy bear picnics full of wonder and magic.

10. Remembering that sometimes it’s okay to just clown around.

Your turn — What are some of your favorite simple pleasures??


  1. Why, my favorite simple pleasure is reading FFFB, of course! :>) xo

  2. Sitting under a tree in complete silence and nice hot cup of water with honey and ghee in it. YUM

  3. chai tea latte.

  4. Cuddling all 3 kids and 2 dogs on the couch with us to watch a family movie.

  5. You got a lot of mine, but you add a good book to cuddle up with to that cup of tea, and you’re near heaven…..

  6. How about some dark chocolate to go along with that tea? Mmmmmm!

    • Oh my goodness! How did dark chocolate NOT make this list?!?!! Brilliant! I’m not sure how I would live without the stuff! πŸ˜‰

  7. My top five: 1. Tea, definitely. 2. Lying in bed with my husband’s arms around me. 3. Hearing my boys say “I love you, Mom.” 4. Overhearing my sons talking to each other and truly enjoying one another’s company. 5. A little one running toward me with arms outstretched to be picked up. All of these make me smile.

  8. Big hugs from my girls, listening to them sing when they think no one is listening and my first cup of coffee in the morning.

    • Oh, I bet they are so sweet singing like that! Mine sometimes mis-hear lyrics, and that always makes me smile too!!

  9. Blogging and reading favorite blogs πŸ™‚

  10. 1) Watching my son succeed at doing something new or take joy in something he loves. 2) Hugs and kisses from my son, especially when he knows I need them. 3) Tea, tea, tea. 4) Hot chocolate and crossword puzzles while snuggling with my husband. Thanks for this – its good to stop and think about simple pleasures!

  11. LOVE Clara’s dress in the picnic photo!

    Airtran has pretzels? Some airlines don’t give out any snacks any more!

    Playing in the leaves and visiting our local zoo were great moments in our lives this week =)

    • Thanks, Maryanne – it was a thrift store find! Believe me, I was just as surprised as you to see they still give out pretzels…. some of the airlines have become so stingy! Playing in leaves is always a hit here and YAY for local zoos! πŸ˜€

  12. 100% in agreement tea is supreme. It is by far one of my sweet pleasure in a day…especially in fall when you want to get all cozy. ~ sweet post Valerie.

  13. Ooo! I want to try the paint with sting!!!