Inspired Picnic Spaces from Around the Web

We’ve been on a bit of a picnic kick lately, and I wanted to share some inspiring picnic ideas from around the web. So grab your favorite picnic blanket, pack up some tasty food, and enjoy some time outdoors!!

Better Homes and Gardens has a great article featuring ideas for budget-friendly outdoor spaces. I love the creative use of cinder blocks here! Very clever!!


Who says picnics need to be in the afternoon?? This outdoor movie night looks like SO much FUN! Found via Pottery Barn. I think similar elements for this can be found a lot cheaper. I just found my next project — building an outdoor movie screen!


Martha Stewart shares some great ideas for hosting a picnic brunch. This is perfect for those days in Summer when it’s too hot to be outside in the afternoon!


Today’s Letters had a more romantic indoor picnic — I especially love the heirloom BLT sandwiches by candle light!


Lastly, what kid (or kid-at-heart) wouldn’t adore a picnic with a tee pee?? Found via Apartment Therapy. We made our own from garden stakes a few years ago. Super cute and frugal!!

So what are you waiting for?? Go out and have a picnic already!!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    Something is missing from all of these.. oh, I found it right here!


  2. Before we bought our house were were house sitting my in-laws place out in the country. It’s on 17 acres with a big barn. We used to have our friends over in the summer for afternoon bbq’s and silliness followed by a drive in. We’d hang bit tarps on the barn, use a borrowed from work data projector and have an FM transmitter hooked up to a computer playing a DVD. It was so much fun!

  3. Oh wow. We did outdoor movies last summer, but our “theater” didn’t look anything like that! Sure is beautiful, though. *sigh*

  4. I want that outdoor theater. That has long been one of my goals.

  5. I like the tee pee. . .guess I’m the kid at heart you were talking about.

  6. Lovely pictures!!!