Sidewalk Butterfly Garden

Know what makes me very happy???

A brand-spankin’ new box of colorful chalk pastels!!!!! Honestly, I have been waiting ALL Winter to open them so we could….

…create a butterfly garden along our sidewalk!!

Emily and I absolutely love sidewalk chalk art! Each section of sidewalk is like a huge canvas, and I would have loved to have such brightly colored chalk when I was a kid. Kids have such lovely things these days, don’t they?? *sigh*

In fact, these colors are so bright, that awhile back I drew what looked like a pool of water on one square of sidewalk, and a group of birds landed — looking very disappointed! Seriously!!!

These pretty walkways are getting to be a bit of a tradition around here, with Emily and I eagerly awaiting a warm & sunny day to be spent doodling outside. Bliss!!

Update: You can purchase these chalk pastels online at Blick Art Materials (affiliate link). We use the set of 48, and I save the 40% off coupons for the art store. I almost always use the coupons on either chalk, colored paper, or model magic. Three must-have supplies for art time fun!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    You should travel the country looking for areas of extreme drought, because your magic chalk always brings rain the next day!


  2. Okay, I have to buy some of that chalk. Our chalk is not nearly as pretty!

  3. I’m back. Can you share a link to this product?

  4. Beautiful!! Mary Poppins would be proud : )

  5. I never thought of doing sidewalks with it. What a great idea!

  6. This chalk is really asking for a walk through.

  7. What gorgeous chalk! And gorgeous drawings =)

  8. Such bright colors!! Beautiful drawings:))

  9. Oh my! Those colors are so bright and fun!

  10. That’s fantastic!

  11. Beautiful!! I love those bright colors! How long does that big box last you?

  12. Christina says

    Wow! Beautiful drawings. We have a box of pastels and I never thought of using them as sidewalk chalk! Guess what we are doing tomorrow?! lol Hehe.. and I can’t wait, the kids will LOVE it. Thanks for sharing

  13. I never thought of using oil pastels as sidewalk chalk. Wow! You have quiet the artist there. I love the colors she used and I love her colorful outfit. Those pictures just make me smile!

  14. I love that chalk you buy those colors are just so vibrant.

  15. I LOVE the idea of using chalk pastels (I’m going to have to buy some of those) AND I double love the idea of creating a butterfly garden. Can’t wait to try this one with my boys! How fun to spruce up the neighborhood, too!

  16. Gorgeous!

    If you spray your walk or driveway with water (hose) beforehand, and use regular Crayola sidewalk chalk, it is like chalk painting. The colors become very vibrant. (plus, it is cheaper than the chalk pastels – although not *quite* as fabulous).

    The wet-applied chalk drawings last longer than dry applied as they don’t just “dust off” – good for high traffic areas like walkways.

  17. Love the colors so pretty!! Makes me want to go buy some chalk right away! LOL isn’t there anywhere around the valley to buy that kind of chalk?

  18. Thanks Julia that is a good idea!

  19. I got home from the craft store and realized I bought “soft pastels” instead of “chalk pastels.” Have you ever tried using soft pastel on your sidewalk or driveway? Do they wash off fairly easily with a hose or a good rain shower?? Thanks!