Top 10 Posts of 2010 — #1

Happy New Year!!

It’s time to feature the number 1 post on FFFB for 2010!! This one was such a hit that in a separate post, I just had to share a few of the other versions done by our wonderful readers! The number 1 post of 2010 is……… Owl Family Play Set!!!! If you haven’t already done so, go round up some toilet paper rolls and craft up some adorable owls with the kiddos! πŸ™‚

We have LOTS of exciting things planned for this little bloggy blog in 2011! Fun!!

It is good to be home again, and we are back to our usual fun crafty selves! Before I left for NYC, I had left a few paper towel rolls on the kitchen counter to be used for a some upcoming craft projects. Turns out, a certain someone (aka Mark) got a little too trigger happy with the recycling. No recyclable is safe from the crafty-afterlife at our house! Not to worry though, as we happened to be nearing the end of another roll by the time I got home, plus Mark did a great job keeping the house clean, the girls fed, and the cats from killing each other while I was gone. Yay for awesome husbands!! We turned the paper towel roll into this fun owl family play set……

Aren’t they adorable?? I couldn’t resist playing with them myself! In mind were these fun animals by matsutake. I cut the paper towel roll into different sized segments for Emily to paint. I love the bright colors she chose!

While the rolls were drying, we got to work on the scenery. I did the drawings, and she colored an inexpensive file folder (pack of 10 – $1) to make the scenery for the owls. We even did a day time scene and a night time scene.

Once the paint was dry, we folded the top of the tubes as shown to make the ears for the owls.

We added some googly eyes, (or you could draw on some eyes), a beak, and we used some glued-on scraps of fabric for wings.

Allow to dry completely (this was difficult, since Clara could barely keep her hands off of them) and play, play, play!!!

I love how both of the girls enjoy playing with these, and making up all sorts of stories about them!

Have fun!!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. Who doesn’t like a nice set of hooters?


    • Remind me to compose a post of the top 10 comments on FFFB. This one definitely makes the list! LOL

  2. Yes – definitely one of my absolute favorites:) Have a terrific new year Valerie! And Mark – thanks for always making me giggle with your comments:)

  3. You know I think I based the bats we made off of your owls.

  4. ROTF at Mark’s comment. He cracks me up!

    These are so cute!

  5. Happy New Year! I can’t wait to see what the New Year brings to your blog and your family.

  6. What a gorgeous parliament of owls πŸ™‚

  7. Yay!
    That was an AWESOME idea and a great favorite with my kids:) Thanks for all your great posts and looking forward to a great year!

  8. brooke schaefer says

    Loved these! We never made them. Thanks for the repost, we needed reminded.

  9. Oh Valerie, This was one of my favorite posts for sure! Mark, you make me laugh. I’m glad I am not the only woman with a humorous hubby!
    Happy New Year to your family from ours.


  10. 364 days from now, I’m still going to think Mark’s comment above was the best comment of the year! lol

  11. Congrats!!!

    Hey I was chosen to receive the Stylish blogger award and I got to pick bloggers I thought deserved the award as well and you were one of my choices πŸ™‚

    Check it out here:

  12. I’ve loved looking through your top ten. So many good ideas to choose from, I’m not sure how you managed to keep it to ten. Looking forward to another year of FFF ideas. Thanks, oh, and a happy new year to you all.

  13. Hi Valerie,

    Thank you for reposting your ideas.My daughter is two years and a half and she loved making the owls. I also prepared a travel kitchen for her although I am not very good at sewing!
    There are some photos here:

    Have a nice year!

  14. I love this project idea! I definitely want to try this with my kids! Thanks for sharing!

  15. hi valerie,

    we really love your blog and enjoy making some of your amazing projects with our recycleables! we made 4 owls and a shadowbox home for them and my kids have been playing with them all week!

    thanks again!

  16. Just wanted to personally thank you for doing such and awesome craft and sharing it with us. Your blog always inspires me.
    Here’s our rendition. Not 3 cute owls, more like spunk dog, cat and owl. They were a super hit from this little animal lover.


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