DIY School Supplies

This morning I made a trip to NBC’s studios in Philadelphia to showcase some DIY projects for back-to-school! Eryka and I had so much fun on The 10! Show!!!

Here’s a list of the tutorials for the projects mentioned in the clip:

1. Apple Printed Book Cover
2. No Sew Pencil Case
3. Post-It Bookmark
4. Photo Name Labels

A big THANK YOU to everyone at NBC for having me on today’s show!!

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  1. I wish I didn’t have to work then I could watch this when it actually airs.
    You must be somewhat local to me, altho I am in South Jersey.
    You always, always, always, have the best stuff to keep the kids occupied & learning!

    Where you ever a teacher?
    I have my degree in elem ed & can never come up w/ this creative stuff that you do!

    • Thanks, Meghan! I was never a teacher. The closest I’ve come to anything like that was homeschooling Emily through pre-K and K. I’ll be starting homeschool with Clara next week. In a past life (aka before kids), I was a software engineer.

  2. Wow how exciting! It was nice to see you on TV…I love your projects too. Congratulations :0)

  3. Wow! How cool is that, I am so proud of you. I often find myself in the middle of an ordinary day with the kids, thinking hmmm, what would Valerie do?

  4. You did so great! And, those are wonderful projects for back to school. But, I don’t think Bill was being sincere when he said maybe he’d join you next time!

    • Ha!! I don’t think so either!! It’s too bad — he would have a lot of fun if he gave it a try! 😉

  5. Valerie, I work in a major digital newspaper in Chile. I am incharge of new crafts blog. May I talk about your blog and redistribute themes and images? This will mention your blog to our readers.
    I will forward to hear from you soon.
    thanks and best regards!

  6. Very cool. Love the projects. My goodness you are a wonderful mumma. Your girls are very lucky.

  7. luv the pencil case the kid would get so creative with making those. thanks

    and if our school allowed those book covers I so remember making those while I was in school. YRs and yrs ago

  8. That is so awesome, Valerie! Congratulations! I love the photo name labels. such a fun, unique idea!

  9. How neat that you were on TV again. Non-blogging mom will benefit from your wonderful ideas. I love the pencil case.

  10. So very cool! I love the pencil case too. Great ideas!

  11. I love the photo creative!

  12. Your shows are always so much fun! I agree that your pencil case is especially brilliant =)

  13. I think it is so cool that you get to appear on TV. I bet it’s fun.

    • It IS fun!! But nerve-wrecking too. There is very little, if any editing… plus, an in-studio audience… no pressure! LOL I try not to think about that, and focus on how much fun the girls and I had making these projects!! 🙂

  14. Those are great projects!! I too love the pencil cases!