The Ritual of Tea — Plus, a Giveaway!

It’s no secret that I have a deep love for tea (as mentioned here, here, and…. oh yes here). Tea has played a crucial role in my life since childhood. One of the first things I would do when I came home from school was heat up water for tea. My mom and I used the time sipping to get caught up with how our day was, tell funny stories, or just chat about whatever was on our minds. It became a sort of ritual that lasted until I went away to college.

Fast forward a few years later…
In the afternoon, we eat our lunch, and Clara will go down for a nap shortly after. I want Clara to be sleeping soundly before I do schoolwork with Emily, so we turned this tiny pocket of time into our own version of a tea ritual. We take our time, sip our tea, and talk about the things we want to do during the rest of the afternoon. Something as simple as sharing a cup of tea has provided us with a great opportunity to reconnect during the course of the day.
We take our tea very seriously in this household. Sometimes we use special tea cups and saucers, or we might use sugar cubes to make the tea seem extra “fancy”! We found that using the “good stuff” seems to make the tea taste better. It transforms the entire experience from hurried to savored. It has become one of our favorite parts of the day.
So when Tender Heart Treasures asked me to post a review and giveaway of their beautiful snowman teapot, I was thrilled! This porcelain teapot holds about four 10 oz. cups of tea and it is gorgeous. I think it would make a perfect holiday gift on its own, but especially if you included a few winter tea blends. I’m planning to pass this down to Emily because it really is heirloom quality (and yes, I love her that much!).
Isn’t it beautiful?? Tender Heart Treasures offers hundreds of unique home accents and gifts along with a “From the Heart Guarantee”. If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, simply call them (they have a toll free 800 number) for a return authorization within 60 days for a prompt exchange or refund. They have an extensive SALE section, as well as plenty of gifts for under $20.
Tender Heart Treasures generously provided us with a snowman teapot for hosting this review and giveaway, (thank you!) and one lucky reader will win an identical snowman teapot of his/her very own!
For your chance to win, leave a comment on this post (be sure to leave your email address in the comments field) and you are in for one entry! Take a look around Tender Heart Treasures shop, come back and leave a comment telling us about your favorite product, and you’re in for three more entries!
Giveaway ends Saturday, December 5th @ 6:30pm EST and winner will be chosen by
Good luck!!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    What is Clara, chopped liver??

    Also, did you know that real men consume the whole thing? Tea bag, paper wrapper and all. Even the staple.



  2. Stephanie Griffith says

    Oh fun! We have tea most days too. Sometimes with both girls, sometimes just with one or the other, but it's always a lovely time.

    I would love to win this! I actually collect teapots, so this would be perfect.

    stella2355406 at yahoo dot com

  3. Stephanie Griffith says

    Oh, and for the extra entries, I love these plates.

    I have a major bird fetish and those are the same colours as my kitchen and living room.

    Also, I loved this.

    My middle kid would love that. She's just a little bit goth for a four year old. She likes spiders and bats and flaming eyeballs and stuff like that.

  4. oh my gosh!! It is PRECIOUS! I love tea parties with my little girls… they are so much fun. When I was little I used to love to have them with my mother and sisters as well… Great memories!
    This would be so great!

  5. The Gold Holly Scroll Cake plate is gorgeous… I just love the design on it! πŸ™‚

  6. My girls and I enjoy having tea parties often too! And we agree, it always tastes better when we use my china teacups!

  7. I love the gingerbread gal tea pot…adorable!! Any of their beautiful teapots would be a welcome addition to my collection. Thanks!

  8. Becky Guenther says

    my daughter and I often drink tea while we color or play games together. we've never done it as a talk/catch up time, though, which might be really useful when she starts Kindergarten next year!

    I was just at the tender heart treasures site, and LOVED the word art… I think the Give Thanks one was my favorite.

    Becky Guenther

  9. What a cute little shop!
    I loved lots of things. Besides the teapot of course, (tea junkie here) I love the ivory bird house. And the vintage mail holder. And the old fashioned tins… πŸ™‚

  10. Infant Bibliophile says

    I agree – the teapot is beautiful! My husband and I, both with some English roots, love tea too. Would you believe that as I am typing this, he just brought me a cup?!

  11. Infant Bibliophile says

    I love the little teapot ornaments – so cute!

  12. What a great tradition you've passed on to Emily. I love it.

  13. That Santa Beads and Buttons Doll is so adorable and I also really like the antique canister set.

  14. aw, this teapot is absolutely adorable. my 21-month old has already started drinking "hot tea" with me. sure, hers isn't quite as hot as mine, but she does enjoy savoring tea with me and today started clinking cups together and saying "cheers". πŸ™‚

  15. The girl who painted trees says

    I love tea. My 2 year old and I have tea together (she drinks chamomile) but not regularly yet.

    juliecerdas at gmail dot com

  16. by far my fav things were the chocolate peppermint cup and teapot. they'd be so cute as a gift with the homemade peppermint hot cocoa that you just posted about recently!

  17. oops, forgot to post my email address…

  18. THis is a very cute teapot. And they do have really nice things.

  19. Donna Porter says

    Like a beautiful gerber daisy, PICK ME!

  20. I think the teapot is beautiful. Please enter me.

  21. Donna Porter says

    Of course I'll browse a lovely little shop online for THREE more entries! You didn't even have to ask!

    My favorite items are

    1. Gathering Baskets

    2. For my special needs daughter, The ladybug doll

    3. Bell Domes

    Although it's very hard to choose!

    buggaboosmommy (at) yahoo (dot) com

  22. We love tea parties too. It is something we should do more often. Thanks for the reminder.

  23. Lenetta @ Nettacow says

    Thanks for the chance!
    nettacow at gmail dot com

    PS – Mark must need a glass of water after he "drinks" (eats?) his tea . . .

  24. Okay I went and browsed their website and I Love the Woodland Sleigh centerpiece.

  25. I love the Red Colonial Bucket. I have a thing for red and that bucket would be perfect on my kitchen shelf!

  26. Lenetta @ Nettacow says

    OK, I cracked up at the FaLaLaLaLa word art –

    And, can I brag that I used to live not very far at all from their warehouse years ago? I actually picked up an order once to save on shipping. And I just realized I don't get their catalog anymore!

  27. What a cute teapot! I love the snowman cocoa mugs on the THT website…candice.m.dennis at gmail dot com

  28. I love tea parties, I have it on Lu's Advent Calendar and I can't wait!

  29. Val in the Rose Garden says

    That is so cute! I am normally not into stuff like this, but this one is really well done. πŸ™‚ I think my favorite product of theirs is the cocoa pot. That is stinkin cute! I love how it is the same pattern, but taller and probably holds more too.


  30. Hi, Valerie. I have just recently started collecting seasonal teapots and would love to win the snowman one! It's so cute. I headed over to browse at THT and fell in love with the new chocolate peppermint teapot. SO CUTE! Love your blog by the way. Great ideas. Keep up the great work! If I win please email me at: THANKS

  31. Minneapolis AP Examiner says

    We love teatime here too!

  32. Minneapolis AP Examiner says

    PS My hands-down favorite is the peppermint teapot!

  33. Jessica [] says

    That is the cutest teapot!!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

    snowpumpkin @

  34. Jessica [] says

    oh wow, I now have a new favorite online store. I just adore the gingerbread items! And the chocolate peppermint teapot and matching items!

    snowpumpkin @

  35. Love to Craft by Chrissy says

    That is such a special tradition! I love it! The snow man teapot is adorable!

    whytecm3 at comcast dot net

  36. I think this teapot is supposed to be for me. I collect and decorate with snowmen. I have been wanting a teapot for Christmas too. So this would be a wonderful combination of the two.

    (choose me, choose me!)

    rubyqhammer at yahoo dot com

    Thank you.

  37. Vero al 100% says

    I love tea and this teapot is beautiful!


    (Sorry for my English!)

  38. Vero al 100% says

    …and this Gingerbread Cake Plate is perfect for my cakes!

  39. The teapot of course!

  40. Thank you for this generous give-away! The snowman teapot is so beautiful!

  41. how lovely that you and your daughter enjoy your tea ceremony… and there really is nothing better than using real china… what a jolly festive teapot too… though don't enter me in the draw as i am in the uk, so too far away.
    wishing you a happy week

  42. Tea time is such a wonderful tradition!! Yay!

    I love the Elfin Made stamp they offer, and the bird baths are beautiful!!

  43. so cute! i should do this more often with my little one!

  44. You don't even know how much I want this! That teapot will look beautiful in my new WHITE kitchen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, I'm going to look around at the site so I can get more entries. I LOVE tea!!!!!!! What is your favorite kind of tea?

  45. I love that site! Oh my goodness, I want everything. I think my kids would love the North Pole Express Stamp or the reindeer whistle. I think I have to make a purchase. Love it!

  46. Wow, what a cute teapot. Thanks for the chance to win!

  47. Oooo I want!!! πŸ˜‰ I love teapots.

  48. I'm a teaholic myself! What a sweet teapot πŸ™‚

  49. I think I would have to say my favorite Tender Heart Treasures item (so far) are the Snowman Cocoa mugs πŸ˜€

  50. Robin in New Jersey says

    What a beautiful teapot. I love tea. I Drink it all day long. I have teapot collection in my hutch but I haven't added anything to it in a couple years.

  51. Robin in New Jersey says

    That website has some really nice items. I like the rustic kitchen bins.

  52. that shop is so great! lots of amazing things! i love the snowman and santa serving trays. and the santa's magic collection is too precious!

  53. Jenny Henny says

    Ok, I really, Really, really want that tea pot. It's adorable!

  54. TennTreeFrog says

    We have a similar ritual at our house and I agree it is my favorite part of the day!

  55. We're huge tea time fans here too.
    pucktricks6802 at yahoo dot com

  56. purple normandy tea cup and saucer gorgeous

    pucktricks6802 at

  57. woodlands birds tea cup and saucer
    I'm just going through and finding other pretty stuff for my other extra entries

    pucktricks6802 at

  58. And the yellow rose bell is very pretty too
    pucktricks6802 at

  59. I have never seen a teapot like that. How pretty!

  60. Meninheira says

    Es una preciosidad ΒΏyo puedo apuntarme tan lejos? bueno, yo me apunto, si ves que no me borras y ya si?


    (me parto con Mark!! hahahaha)

  61. Meninheira says

    Esta tienda es un amor, me encanta las cosas bonitas que tienen!!

    I love the Chickadee Bell Ornaments, soooo sweets πŸ™‚

  62. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! Hope to win!

  63. For the extra entries, I loved the Santa key! We don't have a fireplace so my son was asking how Santa gets into our house…I told him a magic key!

  64. What a darling teapot!

    sylvia mclaughlin

  65. For the extra entries:

    I love the patchwork shelf. a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e

    sylvia mclaughlin

  66. Dear Valerie,

    What great idea. I have been wanting to do stuff like this with my little girl. I of course have to wait until Kylee gets a little older. I love your tea pot.

  67. Amy Caroline says

    I ADORE that teapot! It is so cute!

  68. Oh I love this teapot. I collect snowmen and I love tea and teapots.
    Tender Heart Treasure's has some fabulous gifts. I love the Santa key too and the snowman teacups! Beautiful!

  69. Wow that teapot is beautiful! Thanks!

  70. Amber Mooney says

    I am also a tea-aholic! My daughter and I have weekly tea parties with fine china and gourmet chocolates (our crumpets)! Would love to win this!!!

  71. The shape is wonderful!!

  72. What a great post and generous give away! I have three boys (5, 3, and 1) and the older 2love to have tea parties. I enjoy it when I can have it with them one-on-one. I want my boys to be manly men one day, but in our family tea drinking fits right in:)

    I bougt an inexpensive kids tea set last year and love having tea parties but am disappointed by my choice. My wonderful (and frugal) husband reminds me that it works and the boys are content. I know he is right, but I do long for something more special. This is beautiful and not pink:) I would enjoy these with my boys…I'll need more cups!

  73. Hi – I love your blog! We also drink tea almost daily before getting to the 'schoolwork' – My kids LOVE it when we have ladyfingers for dipping : )
    Sassafras *

  74. So cute! …and my Christmas deco is all blue/white and snowman…PERFECT…*crossing fingers*

  75. Lisa Bowden says

    What a fun tradition to start with my daughter! That is, if I can get her to start drinking tea. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  76. What a lovely ritual, and a lovely teapot!

    heinrichsm [at]

  77. Oh fun stuff. Love Tea Time!!
    Tammy πŸ™‚

  78. This tea pot is adorable. I have never shopped her before. Thank you for sending us there. I love all the fall pumpkins . I wish I had found them before. they are very whimsical. I also like the Santas magical section. I am eyeing up the reindeer whistle.


  79. Love it

  80. Sassyseamstress says

    Love It! I have a few teapots now, but most are too 'special' delicate for use. This is the perfect Christmastime pot.

  81. I love the comment about taking the time to savor the moment and not making tea not a hurried time. Emily will remember these special moments forever!

  82. I love the old time dinner bell. It would be so great for our new house!

  83. oo This teapot is adorable! I would love to win one of those to bring out each holiday season!

  84. I love all of there stuff its so fun and festive! I think my favorite thing that I came across was Santa's Reindeer Keepsake Whistle!! Entry 1. bytesofmemory at gmail dot com.

  85. This is a fabulous giveaway and post. Firstly, because I love that you and your big girl share that moment. Secondly, because it is something that my oldest daughter and I have done together for since she was about 4 or 5. My other two girls enjoy tea as well; my son only sometimes. I'd love to win this to give to my oldest daughter. I bought her a teapot one year and I am thinking it would be a great tradition to give her different teapots, cups, etc. She would love this!

  86. I love all of there stuff its so fun and festive! I think my favorite thing that I came across was Santa's Reindeer Keepsake Whistle!! Entry 2. bytesofmemory at gmail dot com.

  87. I love all of there stuff its so fun and festive! I think my favorite thing that I came across was Santa's Reindeer Keepsake Whistle!! Entry 3. bytesofmemory at gmail dot com.

  88. I really like the Wish, Believe, Love, Dream… all of those framed artworks. They're really nice!

  89. We have tea with my little girl every day when her brother is sleeping, too ! She loves it. We also love to look at the Salvation Army store for nice teacups with plates.

  90. WOW! IT's beautiful!
    derekannette at gmail dot com

  91. I like the mulberry canister set.
    derekannette at gmail dot com

  92. Wonder Mom says

    I love your tea time- how sweet! Perhaps I need to do this with my girls when their brother is away…

  93. Sew Impatient says

    Thats such a special moment!
    What a cute tea pot! My boss is the same way, she's got a really fancy tea pot she uses every day (She's Irish) and I LOVE coming home to her house in the winter after picking up her kids from school because she always puts on a hot cup of tea and makes me sit down and have some cookies and warm up πŸ™‚
    I'm sure she'd love this tea pot!

  94. I'm just beginning the same type of ritual with my son, it's usually hot chocolate for him, but tea for me. ANnd I've been looking for a real teapot for my daughter…off to browse their site for my three extra entries…

  95. What a lovely giveaway! Thank you!

    I also wanted to share a giveaway that my brother's animation business is having: a Preschool DVD giveaway of the soon to be released Slug and Ant Show. It's very very cute and family-friendly with good messages. I have info on my blog about it, but the giveaway is here:

    Thanks! I'm trying to spread the word…

  96. My favorite collection is the chocolate peppermint…tea pot, cups, plate, everything. It's got to be my favorite drink and it would be so much fun with these dishes.

  97. you are so inspiring! i would love to win this tea pot.

  98. I love to have tea parties with my daughter Emily and her friends.

  99. I love the tea ritual also and would love to be part of your giveaway drawing. Thanks! r.rmlrhonda at yahoo dot com

  100. I love tea too! And the teapot is beautiful! Like also this one:

  101. Sew Impatient says

    OOoh my goodness- Just noticed the cute little snowman on top!!

  102. Single Girl says

    Hi Valerie,

    I love your blog, and really appreciate the ideas for reasonably priced kids' crafts. My mom and I had the same sort of tea tradition as I was growing up, and tea is still the way I start and end my days. If I ever have a daughter I hope to pass the love of tea down to her as well.

    Thanks for all your great posts!


  103. I don't really drink tea…but I love the teapot – how beautiful!!!

  104. Wow, they have all KINDS of cute & affordable decorations!!! πŸ™‚ I can't decide on just one thing! Ooh, I like the Large Snowman Buttoned-Up Stocking! πŸ™‚ So cute!!!! πŸ™‚

  105. That is really quite pretty! I'd love to serve ER special tea time treats with that:) We have a snowman cookie jar and that would fit in nicely with our snowy motif at the holidays.

  106. I also really like the chocolate peppermint tea pot, that's really cute.

  107. This is a wonderful winter giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

  108. I would have to say that my favorite has to be the Snowman Cocoa Pot…my littles are not so fond of tea but a steaming cup of cocoa…well, it's just love!

  109. The chocolate peppermint teapot is TDF as well! *drool* Enter me, please! eldridgetarah at gmail dot com

  110. barefootandpoignant says

    I really, really like the snowman cocoa pot, as well as the snowman teapot..of course. The Lost and Found Washboard is cute too. Thank you for the opportunity.

  111. barefootandpoignant says

    Extra entry #1

  112. barefootandpoignant says

    Extra entry #2

  113. barefootandpoignant says

    Extra entry #3

  114. barefootandpoignant says

    I forgot to leave my e-mail address..sorry.

  115. I think this is a really cute teapot. I love the idea of having tea with your children. I would love to incorporate this into our day.

  116. My daughter just turned four years old and I have wanted to start having quiet tea time with my daughter while her two younger brothers are down for nap!! I think it would be a great opportunity to talk with her, and have special bonding time!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  117. forgot to leave my email address as well. Sorry.

  118. So I have now visited the site and it's so cute!! I love Santa's special key, I was just trying to explain how Santa would get into our house without a chimney this would be so awesome–the entire Santa's magical collection is very nice I would love it lol. I love the snowman tea pot it is so beautiful.

  119. This tea pot is gorgeous! I love to have special tea with my daughter and son on cold snowy days. Using special pot, cups, and sugar make it even better!

  120. I love the cocoa pot that matches too! The things on their website are really nice, and reasonably priced also! Thanks for giving me a new gift giving resource.

  121. I am in love! That is the most precious teapot.

    I would love to give that to my sister who adores teapots.


  122. Oh my heavens I love those candy cane trees! I have a candy cane theme in my kitchen and those would go just perfect!!

  123. So many comments. I just had to enter the contest too. We love tea around here.

  124. I know I love tea, but cocoa YUM! I was a sucker for the Snowman Cocoa Pot they have on the website. Super cute.

  125. learningandlivingbyfaith says

    I love tea! I bought my daughter a mini tea set for Christmas this year! I know we'll have many hours of enjoyment with it!

  126. learningandlivingbyfaith says

    and ooops I forgot my email address.

    What a lovely website! There were so many things to choose from! I loved the various wreaths and the snowball garland! That was so cute! My favorite wreath was the pine cone one. Adorable! And we are a cocoa loving family too! The snowman cocoa pot was perfect!!

  127. My most favorite memories of my grandmother are of our tea parties that we had when I was growing up. As a military & missonary family she traveled quite extensively and had a vast knowledge of teas that she liked to share with me…so, all that rambling aside, I SOOOO need this teapot lol πŸ™‚

  128. P.S. I now have a new obsession with the chocolate peppermint holiday teapot on their website (thankyouverymuch!)

  129. Awww how sweet! I've tried to get my 4 yr old to drink tea, even with loads of sugar and cream she wrinkles her nose…I'm going to keep working on her though (maybe a cute teapot would help!) πŸ™‚

    oldquiltlover at hotmail . com

  130. Okay, I went and looked around and I was going to say the green scalloped cake stands. BUT THEN I saw the earthen bird plates. Be still my heart…how beautiful!

  131. What a great tea pot! My daughter just received her own antique tea service this summer. No teapot though, so this would be a pleasant surprise.

  132. What a wonderful teapot! My three kids and I are working on the tradition part. My boys inhale their tea, but my daughter is picking up on what teas she likes and definitely doesn't.

  133. Just Breathe says

    What a sweet tradition. Okay, that is the cutest teapot I have ever seen. ~PICK ME~PICK ME~PICK ME~

  134. Just Breathe says

    So $104.65 later I am back to say thank you for the link. I found so many cute items. I bought the teacup set for my sister because she loves snowman even more than I do. Also got one for me so when I have tea in the pot I am winning I will have a cup to go along!!!

  135. Oh! I adore snowmen! And I absolutely love the teapot. I sure hope I win this! Its beautiful! πŸ™‚
    (my google password wont go thru so my email is

  136. I can relate to your tea time ritual. Brought back some wonderful memories of our generations of tea drinkers. Thank You.

    Two comments: I think your teapot needs a cozy. I still have the one my Nana made and Mom and I used for afternoon tea many years ago. Mom and Nana are gone but they are still with me everytime I use that cozy.

    And, did you make the table cover shown in the photo? Charming. I'll bet your girls will have the same regard for it as I do for my cozy.

  137. Oh very beautiful, I was shocked when I saw the pic. It wasn't what I expected at all. Very elegant and pretty!

    frufrugals at gmail dot com

    Thanks for sharing their site. I love fall/winter, all the stuff on there looks adorable!

    Looking at the Santa's Magic Bags… sounds magical πŸ™‚

    And this too:

    My Stepmom loves xmas gifts like these. I know she'd adore lots of these little goodies!

  138. Wow, they have a some great products. My favorite are: the snowman teapot and cocoa pot and the Ivory Swan rose cocoa pot.

  139. Love any of the snowman decor! Just found your blog and already love it!

  140. Great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to win.


  141. I love to have tea in the winter weather!

  142. There are so many great things to choose from! I like all the old fashioned/antique style items, they would look great in my family's home!

  143. am wanting to compile a list of everyones birthdays and anniversaries in
    the family. Especially since there have been a lot of new additions. That
    being said, if you could each send me the birthdays/anniversaries for
    everyone in your family and any extended family you think we would all like,
    or that doesn't have e-mail addresses. I will then make a list and send it
    out to everyone. Also Jenny if you could include Krista's .



  144. Sorry I pasted the wrong thing and it won't let me delete it! What I meant to say was that I love your tea ritual and I think I am going to have to adopt it with my oldest daughter as well since we both love tea. Thanks for the great idea!


  145. After looking at their site I think my favorite thing is the Claridge Three-Tiered Dessert Server. I like it because it is very unique and antique looking.

  146. I love snowmen, I love tea.
    But just an interesting question for the little girls in your family…
    If the tea is hot, won't the snowmen melt and run off the side of the teapot? The poor little guys would just leave little puddles, sticks, stones, and carrots all over the place!

    I hope this doesn't happen to the snowmen, as I think that they are beautiful just where they are! It really is a beautiful teapot!

    lazzyk at xplornet dot com

  147. Jones Family says

    Beautiful! We love to have tea at our house as well- I love your tradition and may begin one of my own. Thanks, as always, for the inspiration!

  148. I love our boys but oh wouldn't a little girl be fun! (Granddaughters ! πŸ™‚ The tea pot it precious.

    dlhewson at Tidewater dot net

  149. The winterneadow crescent would be beautiful over our kitchen window.

    dlhewson at tidewater dot net

  150. The winterneadow cascade wreathe would look lovely in out entry way.

    dlhewson at tidewater dot net

  151. The snownan stacking boxes are adorable!

    dlhewson at tidewater dot net

  152. What a beautiful tea pot!!!!!! We were doing a weekly ritual of tea until one standard horrible preschool phase hit and we had to take a break. This makes me really ready to start it up again.

  153. That north hole express stamp on the Tender Heart website is awesome!

  154. The "Elf Made" stamp is awesome too, especially if you participate in Handmade Holidays!

  155. Oh my gosh! On the Tender Hearts site, did you see the Moose Pooch??!?!?! How adorable!!!!! And under $20

  156. Amanda Pedro says

    Oh WOW! It is a beautiful pot and would make the tea taste so much better indeed.
    thanks for sharing

  157. I liked the snowman mugs that match the teapot…also I like the matching teacup and saucer!

    I also liked the nativity CollectaBells on the same page!

    again… lazzyk at xplornet dot com

  158. I love the thought of sharing tea with my daughters! Maybe with enough honey they might like it πŸ™‚

    jenniferjohnson24 at gmail dot com

  159. Love this teapot! And I love all of you too!


  160. My favorite is the Woodland chintz bird teapot. There's many lovely choices!

    jenniferjohnson24 at gmail dot com

  161. MamaFeelgood says

    This is a beautiful idea. The teapot is lovely

  162. My little girls love to have their tea. We have a plastic set I bought when my oldest one was 2, but she is now 4 and I think is time to upgrade. It would be nice to have this!

  163. Amber Mooney says

    Pick me, Pick Me!

  164. The Nielsen Clan says

    That is such a cute tea pot. We love tea at our house too, but I love the idea that you have of making it a special time to be together. I think I'm going to have to implement a special "tea time" into our homeschool day. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the idea!
    I'd love to be entered in the drawing to win this tea pot. My email address is:

  165. The Nielsen Clan says

    As for the extra entries, I loved the blue ironstone large water pitcher. I can just see it sitting on my kitchen table all year round holding different bouquets of flowers, varying with the seasons. πŸ™‚
    Or even better yet, actually being used at each meal to serve water from. πŸ™‚

    The other thing that really caught my eye was the wall hanging that said "Apples are nice, but give me chocolate! -Teacher"
    That's what I would prefer as well! lol

  166. McMillan Clan says

    Hi! I hope I am not too late!
    I love Tea, and we are quite fanatical about it here in the mcmillan family household!
    We are going to try the felt ornaments tomorrow!