Fall Treasure Bag

Emily’s garden goody bag has now evolved into a Fall Treasure Bag! She loves to collect colorful leaves, acorns or interesting seed pods while we go on nature walks, and I love that she has such a special bag for all her Fall treasures.

We have lots of crafty plans for these pretty leaves!
Now it’s time for some warm apple cider…. It seems Fall has officially arrived!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    Why is the sink covered in acorns again?

    I hope this does not get to the point that it did when I was a child and my mother found that snake skin in the basement. When questioned, I could not remember if it was just the skin or if I had brought the entire snake into the house!


  2. Hasn't the weather been perfect for nature walks and backyard exploring! We have a nature inspired post for tomorrow as well. Can't wait to see what beautiful & crafty projects you and Emily come up with!

  3. Mom and Kiddo says

    This is a lovely idea. Having a special bag definitely makes collecting more fun!

  4. We have a ton of acorns waiting to be made into little fairy people. But I have two home sick with the flu right now and will have to wait to get started.

  5. My kids love to go on treasure hunts outside. Fun! I love fall, everything about it!

  6. SO fun!! I can't wait to see the projects she makes out of all the leaves and acorns.

    It was actually cold today, I had to bust out my yummy warm hot coco.

    Stop by my blog tomorrow and check out my Pumpkin Poop and Pixie tricks projects.

  7. Love the ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Stephanie Griffith says

    Treasure bags are the best!

  9. @ Mark — I'm not quite sure why the acorns always migrate to the sink. Also, you best not tell your mother about the snake!

  10. @ Mama King — I completely agree! We have been so fortunate with this nice weather lately.

    @ Mom and Kiddo — You're so right, a special bag makes collecting leaves so much better!

  11. @ Ivy — Ahhh… 'tis the season for flu, I'm afraid. I hope you guys feel better soon and that you have a super-speedy recovery.

    @ Lisa Anne — Pumpkin Poop!!?? Hahaha!

  12. it's the bag that just keeps giving – fantastic! =)