Garden Bag Giveaway

We are starting to enjoy our garden, and lately there have been lots of pickings. I was bringing reusable shopping totes to collect our veggies, but after getting my hands on some burlap I was inspired to create a “Garden Goodies” bag. I hand-stamped the lettering and made a very basic drawstring bag. Today the bag was filled with green beans, tomatoes, parsley, red beets, peas, onions, and lettuce. I loved bringing all this fresh organic produce home in this very special bag!

In fact, I loved it so much that I decided to make a smaller, prettier version of a “Garden” bag for Emily too! Here she is gathering a bunch of lettuce.

Whenever I make things like this, I love sharing them with others. If you would like a chance to win a similar oh-so-cute personalized garden bag for your little one, leave a comment on this post telling me about your favorite Summer family activity (be sure to leave your email address in the comment field)! Giveaway ends Friday, July 17th at 6pm EST and the winner will be contacted via email. Good luck!!


  1. Booklover1212 says

    Great giveaway!! Hmmm…our favorite summer activity?? I guess you could say any day that spend together when my husband isn't at the base or flying night missions. Since we had our sod put in, our biggest summer activity has been hanging out in the back yard with our blowup pool and patio swing….lots of music playing, lots of reading, eating lots of yummy summer fruits & veggies and just playing with our girls in general.

    ~ Jennifer

  2. We are about to start our first fall garden as soon as it cools off (I'm in Texas where it is in the 100's right now). My daughter is 4.5 months so not quite old enough to garden yet, but I'm sure she'll be out there with me soon enough. Your veggies look great!

  3. Val in the Rose Garden says

    Those are CUTE! I love yours… I wonder if I have any burlap or canvas roaming around??? I do have my sewing machine out now. even if I don't win, I will copy cat you. πŸ™‚

    My favorite summer activity? Hmmm… I would have to say gardening of course! LOL! I love the feel of it… I love dirt between my toes… and my very favorite thing is picking the first ripe tomato, wrapping it in some freshly picked basil, and popping it into my mouth on a hot afternoon. I think that has to be my most anticipated summer treat! That, and fresh green beans… there is nothing better than a basket (or bag!) of freshly picked green beans, still hot from the sun, on my kitchen counter. The first ones never make it to dinner… the kids and I just eat them.


  4. I love these…what a great idea! I love our camping trips and have especially enjoyed our recent clamming excursions. (even though I personally don't like the stuff.)

  5. Mark, Rebecca and Sophia says

    Love those bags! Our favorite outdoor activity is hiking.

  6. Lenetta @ Nettacow says

    Cute! Our favorite activity is blowing bubbles while splashing in the wading pool. Don't have to worry about being messy that way!

  7. Our favorite activity is spending time in the mountains. It's in the 90s and higher here in Utah in the summer and with the mountains right here it's a nice respite from the heat. We especially love to hike.

  8. aprilfoolwed says

    We've been having a great time this summer – from swimming, gardening, and playing at the park. But, I think our most fun activity has to be catching lightening bugs in the evenings. I love that our whole family runs around the yard together, and that my kids run to help the others to catch bugs (instead of fighting!).

    Plus, I love how contagious it is! Once my 3 kids are out with their bug boxes, all the neighborhood kids need to join them too!

  9. *-cipi-* says

    the little bag is so lovely!!!
    I won't partecipate the giveaway, Italy is too far for shipping (that would not be so frugal, I think), but I think I can copy your idea if you don't mind. My grandfather has a garden and sometimes I go and keep something with my son. It would be very nice if he can bring something like an adult.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. I love the stuff you make!

    Our favourite family activities are riding our bikes and playing outside.

    We planted our very first garden this year – and we actually ate some of the "vegetables of our labour" this weekend.


  11. MamaFeelgood says

    Our favorite summer activity is either running through the sprinkler or hanging out in plastic tubs full of water (our 3 yr old, not us)

    cheshiresmile at gmail dot com

  12. This is a wonderful giveaway Valerie! Elijah loved helping out last year bringing in veggies. A special bag is such a neat idea.

    Our favorite summer activities are riding bikes and looking for bugs. =)

  13. I love your adorable drawstring bags! Such a cute idea.

    My boys and I love to swim in the summer. Be it the pool or the beach, we're all about swimming!

  14. What a cute bag! Our favorite family activities are doing projects outside and visiting the different fairs/festivities that only happen during summer.

  15. Unfortunately we are in a townhouse so we are not allowed to have traditional gardens. I wanted to try some container gardening, but the time just got away from me this year. I am sand every time I read about other's wonderful gardens πŸ™
    I would love to win a bag for the future though!
    Our favorite summer activity is swimming and going "up north" for a mini vacation.

  16. our favorite activity is gardening. i tend to the garden while my two year old daughter digs in the dirt and throws it all over the place. and my one year old son likes to just sit by and eat dirt and chew on rocks. my daughter would love this bag! ps i love love love your site! keep up the good work.

  17. Stephanie Griffith says

    Those are adorable!

    Our favourite summer activity…. that's hard to narrow down. This year it's probably fishing. My husband and older kids are just crazy about fishing right now.

  18. One of our favorite summer activities is hanging out together watching movies.

  19. Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom says

    How wonderfully adorable! We love playing in the sprinkler, gathering from the garden, grilling out or lighting up the fire pit and catching lightening bugs. I love any activity that includes slowing down and savoring the time watching our daughter discover and revel in the outdoors! πŸ™‚

  20. Anonymous says

    What a CUTE bag!!! Right now watering our garden as well as running through the water has become one of our favorite pastimes – tooo hot these past few days!


  21. ScottChrisCoriCassiCali says

    It seems our favorite summer activity changes from year to year, almost like yearly themes. This year it seems to be creating or making things from nature. We too planted a garden this year; our first. It has been so incredibly exciting to enjoy those fruits ( or veggies) of our labor. Thanks for the super fun giveaway. I know the kids would love gathering with such cute bags. I wish I could finally learn to use my sewing machine. I suppose the first step is learning to put on the thread. πŸ™‚

  22. Cute Bag!!! Our favorite summer activity is lots of swimming followed by some yummy and MESSY home made Popsicles.

    tricia_26 (at) hotmail(dot)com

  23. Lindse94 says

    Hard to pick a favorite activity. We love spending time at our farmhouse in PA when we can get away from NJ. While in Nj a nice drive to the beach is great.
    We also have plenty of Basil and blueberries in our garden that we have been collecting in a Diego bucket!


  24. for me and dd, it's planting our flowers for the year. and watching them

  25. Our favorite summer activity is doing art projects outside and then hopping into the kiddy pool so we don't have to worry too much about messy clean up! It's super hot here in California, so we pretty much spend as much time in the water as we can πŸ™‚

  26. Anonymous says

    We have just spent a couple of hours at our local pick-you-own farm, and the strawberries are just perfect right now – especially the ones warm from the sun that accidentally pop into a two-year old's smiling mouth (he strawberry-juice mustache gave her away though!). Like your snowman in July, maybe we should make strawberry sorbet to eat in December?
    I'm in England, so please pass on the giveaway
    Best Wishes

  27. sunnymama says

    What a gorgeous little garden bag! I would love to win one for sunnyboy πŸ™‚ Our favourite summer activity is going to the beach, but also the garden, the woods, the park, the river….

  28. Great idea! So far this summer our favorite activity has been playing in the sprinkler. Well, Bridey and Bryn do the playing, but Connor and I enjoy watching them and listening to their shrieks of laughter. Sometimes we get sprinkled on too!

  29. Principled Parent says

    Thanks for this giveaway. Super cute bags!

    I have a 20 month old toddler who loves to go for walks so that's our favorite thing to do right now.

  30. We love going to the beach in Lexington, MI. My parents took us growing up and now we all still go only we have new additions my daughter and husband.