Finger Painting Fun in the Sun, Sun, Sun

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Today, we celebrated one of the last few days of Summer by finger painting Sun pictures!
This was a particularly messy project, but a really fun one that both my girls really enjoyed! Since we had such beautiful weather here today, it was perfect for a messy outdoor art project. Both girls wore old T-shirts inside-out, but if that isn’t an option, be sure to check out How to Make an Art Smock from a Garbage Bag.

Emily dipped her hand in yellow finger paint and overlapped her hand prints on a sheet of freezer paper to make the sun. Freezer paper is ideal for finger painting, but we have also used sheets of paper cut up from brown paper grocery bags with great success.

Next, she used her index finger to make rays of sunshine. She enjoyed adding bits of red to mix with the yellow to make orange. Extra bonus points for singing “The Sun Has Got His Hat On” while doing this project.

Clara had a lot of fun with this as well. Emily helped get her started, and then…..
…she took off finger painting on her own! Lots of squeals and giggling!
Then both girls decided to paint together…

So much fun!!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    Wait a minute. I thought that the highchair was too cumbersome for you to move around the house, so I had to move it. How did you get it into the back yard? 😉

    I am seriously questioning your inability to crush bugs and open jars. This, coincidentally, is why you keep me around.

    Scared Mark

  2. @ Mark — It IS too cumbersome. Don't worry, I'll keep you around… It took me all day to get that highchair outside. I can move it, but it takes me FOREVER! You would have had it outside in about 30 seconds. Also, I have no intentions of even attempting to crush bugs or open jars. I think you're safe for awhile. 😉

  3. Looks like your girls had a wonderful time! Clara looks so much like Emily when her hair is done like that!

  4. I will definitely be using this idea for our letter S week, whenever that will be. Probably in the middle of the winter! At least then I'll be missing the hot sun. I for one am looking forward to cooler weather.

  5. Iris Robin says

    This looks like a lot of fun. These pictures are great! I read the article about creating a smock from a garbage bag, brilliant!

    I will definitely be visiting your blog on a daily basis. Thanks for all the wonderful tips.

  6. The pictures are great. I love the pigtails – my daughter always wants her hair down.

    I don't like dealing with bugs either, but I have one of those cool rubber things that helps me open jars.

    I'm glad you are keeping Mark around. I would be sad if he stopped commenting!

  7. Infant Bibliophile says

    The girls did a great job! Such a cheerful picture. The last time I tried fingerpainting with him, Kevin didn't like it at all. I think he probably would like it now, but I cant quite get brave enough for the mess. I should do it now while it's still warm.

  8. Jenny Henny says

    what a great project for the last day of August! And Mark, that's not the ONLY reason she keeps you around, I mean, you do make killer ice cream, too!

  9. Looks like fun. Great pictures of your girls!

  10. They look like they are having so much fun. Now if only it didn't feel like October here!

  11. What a wonderful way to spend the last summer days out doors. I will miss doing these things with my daughter who started 1st grade today. (It was her choice to go to school) I really wanted to home school her the way we did her Kindergarten year. I missed my little girl today.

  12. @ MaryAnne — Ha! I called Clara "Emily" three times today by mistake! They look a lot more alike with the same hairdo. I still can't believe Clara has that much hair already. Emily was almost three by the time she had real pig tails!!

  13. @ Iris Robin — Welcome! So glad you stopped by, and I do hope you come back again!

    @ Christy — Mark knows I'm really bad with the bugs. If he's at work, Emily will catch them in her bug catcher thingy, and let them go outside with their friends. I'm hoping I can train Clara to do the same….

  14. @ Infant Bibliophile — Emily was never much of a fan of finger painting either. Clara really loves it. Once Emily gets started, she really gets into it, but the first couple dips in paint are quite timid. I would give it another go, especially if you have some warm weather and can do this outside!

  15. @Jenny Henny

    You can get ice cream at the store! I'm doomed!

  16. Corners of My Life says

    I would love to share your bacon bowl on my blog for my 3 sons that love bacon. Would you mind?

  17. Stephanie Griffith says

    That looks like good, messy fun. I love the feel of finger paint.

    "I called Clara "Emily" three times today by mistake!"

    LOL. My mom did that so often I still sometimes respond when I'm out in public and someone calls out for a "Sarah" which is my sister's name.

  18. shraddha/april@theselfloveproject says

    omg..that is just too too cute…

    you are an awsome mom!

    hugs and love

  19. Check out my blog in about an hour. I'm awarding you an award. BTW I love the first lesson, I'm so excited!!

    I'd like to visit the other blogs of people who joined, if they don't mind.

  20. Both your girls have amazing smiles! Looks fun and a gorgeous day to boot!

  21. Great pictures of them getting messy and having fun 🙂