Garden Update

This summer our family signed up for a garden plot through our township. It was a bargain. Six hundred square feet for just $10 for the year! Plus, it was already tilled for us. They might as well have just planted the seeds for us, and given us a garden. It sounded ridiculously easy.

We started planting seeds, and adding seedlings later in the season. I was visiting the garden almost every day. Watering, weeding, planting….more watering….. And then I went through a “what the HELL have I gotten myself into” phase. 
I think it was because I would look around at everyone else’s garden and they all looked so beautiful. Ours seemed to be taking forever to grow. Mark would remind me that it wasn’t a race, but still! Look! They have the same exact amount of land and growing conditions that we have, and they’re sprouting tomatoes already for heaven’s sake!
But now… now things are starting to grow… 

Ain’t nothin’ like eatin’ lettuce right out of the garden!


  1. Nancy M. says

    Wow! That does sound like a good deal. It would probably cost you about that much just to till it up. Glad it's finally started growing for you!

  2. ONe PiNK FiSH says

    Lucky you. I just posted about starting our garden today. i hope we didn't procatinate too long. I can't wait for fresh veggies. Glad to someone else out there taking the same journey I am.

  3. I have rabbits and deer eating all of my stuff. I should have invested in some posts and chicken wire. Your garden looks great!

  4. Thats great, keep up the good work! I cant wait until we can have a real garden salad. I'll have to take pics of our garden soon =)

  5. aprilfoolwed says

    Yay for gardens! I thought about doing one of the township gardens too, but ended up with raised beds in our own yard. My neighbor has one at the township and enjoys it!

    Our garden was slow to start this year too. But – we're having our first sugar snap peas with dinner tonight! And, assuming my neighbor remembers to water for us while we're on vacation, I'll have lettuce, beans and tomatoes ready when we come back!

  6. Orange Juice says

    I can't believe how little money it cost for so much space!
    Congrats on the produce! 🙂
    She looks darling!

  7. Mama King says

    So cool! We missed out on our little garden share program this year. Found out about it too late. But was happy to know so many people were doing it!