Fart Fest 2009

Yes, you read that right. Yesterday, I rushed Emily to the Emergency Room because she was showing symptoms of what we thought was Appendicitis. Her stomach had been slightly upset all afternoon. Turns out, it was just a locked-in fart on the lower right side of her abdomen. She was doubled over in pain, holding her side, screaming and crying…. That is, until she went to the bathroom and let out what I think could very well qualify for The World’s Longest Loudest Smelliest FART!

While we were waiting in the lobby (this was pre-fart, so Emily was in a lot of pain then), one of the hospital’s volunteers came to us with two Jared Boxes. This was a fabulous thing, and made the five hours of waiting bearable for both of the girls. I was blown away by the generosity and thoughtfulness of The Jared Box Project. I had never heard of it before yesterday.
The Jared Box Project started in 2001 by the children at Our Lady of Victory School in State College, PA to honor their classmate and friend, Jared. According to the paper left in the box, Jared was “a brave little boy who battled cancer with courage and faith that continues to inspire us all.”
Once Miss Emily’s stomach feels better, our next activity will be making Jared Boxes to take to our local hospital. For detailed directions on how to do this, click here. Most items for Jared Boxes are very inexpensive, and can be found at your local Dollar Store. Suggested items include crayons, coloring books, puzzles, small stuffed animals, silly-putty, or stickers. You could even get the kids involved by asking them to pick out the items for the Jared Box themselves!
In other news, I am absolutely loving the funny captions for our first Caption Contest! Contest ends Wednesday, July 1st at 6pm EST, so don’t forget to get your entry in for a $10 Barnes and Noble gift card.


  1. mamabearscubhouse says

    oh my! poor little thing! i am glad she is okay.
    thank you for sharing about Jared boxes..i had never heard of it before!
    i read my kidsaa booknamed "farley farts"…it has a cute message, despite the title.

  2. Mama King says

    I am so sorry Emily is not feeling well. What a scary experience that must have been for you and Emily. Poor Emily may never live this one down! Heehee! Just down break it out the first time you meet her future husbands family! I love the idea of the Jared boxes. Glad something positive came out of the whole ordeal!

  3. I read that title twice. Sorry Emily was in so much pain that you were obviously scared. I'm not sure I have ever heard the term "locked-in fart" before in my life. Who knew? Tell her to feel better and you deserve a really big drink after all of this is through.

  4. ONe PiNK FiSH says

    Couple of books to consider reading about farts… The Gas We Pass (explains why we fart) and Walter the Farting Dog (there are several to choose from). I'm glad Emily feels better. I can feel her pain. I have a similar experience several times before… not fun.

  5. MaryAnne says

    I'm glad it wasn't appendicitis, and that Emily is feeling better! Who would have thought…

    Jared Boxes sound really neat, I never heard of them before.

  6. Stephanie Griffith says

    I love the idea of making Jared boxes!

    I hope Emily feels better!

  7. Hope Emily is feeling better now and we all have known that double us up into tiny little balls of gas pain! Sorry she had just a bad one! Glad it was nothing serious.

    We are not familiar with The Jared Box Project but we spend jaunts in the hospital with Madison due to her condition and have been given a ton of neat items for both kids. It makes the pain of mulitple injections, needle sticks and other misc. test go by faster and easier sometimes. We are certainly greatful for the kindness of total strangers that give items to the Children's hospitals for little patients and will certainly call our local Children's Hospital to see if my local Mom's group can start a Jared type box project there!

    Thanks for posting an inspiring message!

  8. finding_ac says

    that makes me laugh…the things you can talk about with people once you get comfortable. Like today…i was talking to the hubbs about my butthole…gross huh? lol

    β™₯ ac


  9. I took Emily into the bathroom. The gas was like a stiff stinky breeze. I'm lucky I made it out alive.

  10. Glad to know she felt better afterwards. I've never heard of Jared Boxes either. Hospital waits are not fun for anyone! On my way to read about it, I think its great that you are going to put some together for your hospital(I think your crayon wallets would be a big hit with the kids!).

  11. Thanks, everyone for the well-wishes!!

    I think Emily will be back to her usual cheerful self soon. (I hope so, anyway.)

    @ mamabearscubhouse — I've never heard of Farley Farts, now I'm very curious to check it out.

    @ Mama King — That is so funny!!!

    @ Ivy — Yes, I believe "locked in fart" was the medical term. πŸ˜‰

  12. @ One Pink Fish — Hahaha! Walter the Farting Dog is one of Emily's favorite series. She thinks it's hysterical!

    @ Heather — Oh, your comment has made my day! When I read it, I thought…"Yes! THIS is why I posted about this today!!" Thank you for "getting" it. What a fabulous project for you moms club. I'm going to suggest that mine do something similar to really make a big difference. Great idea, thank you!!

    @ finding ac — That is so funny!!! I know exactly what you mean!!

    @ Ally — Oh, I had forgotten about the crayon wallets!!! Thank you so much for the idea! I am DEFINITELY going to make a bunch of those for the boxes. This mama is going to be busy!! πŸ™‚

  13. @ Mark — Clearly, she gets this endearing trait from you! πŸ˜‰

  14. Justin and Kate Mills says

    I am finally getting caught up on your blog after having a busy week, and I'm glad to hear this wasn't serious. I loved reading about the Jared Boxes – what a great idea! We live near the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and I've been meaning to get more involved in something for the kids there. Thanks for the inspiration!
    P.S. Saw your note on my blog – thanks! πŸ™‚