Sunflowers and Bean Sprouts

The emphasis on art projects has always been on the process in our household, but Emily was very proud of the outcome of this project and it has encouraged her to do more stamping projects similar to this one. To make your own sunflower stamping project you will need: a brown paper bag, some paint, a potato, a soup can (for tracing), and a pencil or brown crayon. It does not get more frugal than a brown bag and a potato, people!

Invite your child over to trace the soup can for a couple of circles. These will be the middle of the sunflower. Next, cut a petal shape from a potato, and show your child how to dip it into the paint and stamp it onto the paper. Stamp away!
This is a great time to demonstrate how to make the color orange. Add a drop of red paint, and ask your child to mix it up with the yellow.
Add some leaves! Emily’s great idea was to use an apple for the leave stamp, and the stem became part of the stamp too.
Simple, easy… very frugal!
Next, we started up some bean sprouts. We used a pack of green bean seeds, a bowl of water, some paper towels, and a mason jar. 
I showed Emily how to dip the paper towels in water, and stuff them into the jar. We added the seeds, and now we will wait and see!


  1. Great artwork!
    I have not done the bean sprouts with the girls yet, but my boys did them when they were younger. We will have to do those again:0)

  2. I started tomato seeds with my little girl last week. We used an egg carton to hold the soil, planted the tiny seeds and watered gently. Then set the whole thing in an old pizza pan (to catch the water run-off) and set that in front of a south facing window. After a week we have sprouts in almost every little hole. And we’re already dreaming about August.

  3. @ sandy — I’m sure the girls will love it, please keep me posted! (I’m on my way to check out your blog..)

    @ Ivy — That’s a fabulous idea! I’m thinking we will plant lots of things during the Spring/Summer, and I cannot wait to get started!

  4. Hi Valerie

    Just had a quick look at your blog. You have very lucky children who will look back at their childhood and marvel at what fun they had. Great job!

    Cheers – Joolz

  5. What fun ideas. The sunflower is beautiful.
    My kids always love growing things too.
    Great post, thanks for linking.

  6. That is great! I should try the bean sprouts. That would be a nice science project with the kids. I also used half a potato to stamp easter eggs.

  7. Looks like a lot of fun! It would be a nice follow up to planting real sunflower seeds. I just might have to do that! Thanks!

    Creative and Curious Kids!

  8. Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings says

    Love the sunflower idea! A potato wedge for the petals? Genius! 🙂 My daughter will love this!

  9. Great work!She paint lovely…



  10. @ joolzmac — Wow, you have just made my day! Thank you for such kind words.

    @ jennwa — Love your blog, and plan to visit it often. Thanks for hosting Saturday Showcase. What a great idea!

    @ Vickie — I never thought to use potato stamps on Easter eggs, but now I am going to have to give it a try! What a neat idea!!

  11. @ Jen– I cannot wait to get outside and plant flowers, and lots of vegetables this year. Feels like Spring is right around the corner!

    @ Heidi — Thank you so much! I hope your daughter enjoys this activity as much as my daughter did!

    @ Irina — Thank you!! She was quite proud of herself, and I am sure we will do more with stamping for future projects. This was a big hit!

  12. Wow! It's one of those bunny bowls! Each of my siblings and I have our own set of those away in the old cedar chest. I'm trying to remember where I found your blog. I think I hopped here after reading a post from "Preschool Playbook" referencing your sidewalk chalk paint recipe. I just had to comment how I love those bunny bowls and seeing yours in the photo sparked my memory. Take care!

  13. @ Meander — I was wondering if anyone would notice that! That bowl was mine from when I was a little girl, and my mom saved it and a matching plate too. It's one of Emily's favorites!

  14. PS: see matching plate here.