Starting a Garden Journal

We have been noticing some signs of Spring around here, and I thought it would be fun to start keeping a garden journal with Emily. Our been sprouts are starting to turn green…

This morning she planted some tomato seeds in an empty egg carton. Kids love to plant seeds, don’t they?
We brought some forsythia branches indoors to try to trick them into blooming. They are so close now…
And of course we starting working on the garden journal. Today we worked on the cover and used a seed catalog to make a collage. Emily enjoyed cutting out all the photos and gluing them together.
We are using a plain white binder for the journal (very inexpensive) and I filled it with plain white paper and lots of sheet protectors for leaf-rubbings, paintings, pressed flowers, observational drawings, etc. Lots of fun, and it helps us to stay connected to nature. Now we are very eager to get outside and start planting!


  1. Infant Bibliophile says

    That sounds like a great idea, and you’ve done a lovely job on the cover. It’s made me wonder whether a bird watching journal might be fun with my son (who is very young now, but loves birds). We go to an aviary a lot, so we could start with those birds. Hmm. Thanks for the idea 🙂 Your post also made me think of the book “Carrot Seed” – if she hasn’t read it already, your daughter might like it, and the message is a really nice one about faith/perseverance/patience.

  2. We’re tracking the height of our tomato sprouts in our journal. Can’t wait to hear how yours grow.

  3. @ Infant Bibliophile — Love the idea of a bird watching journal! I was just talking with Mark about being on the look out for field guides at thrift stores and yard sales. I’m going to check out Carrot Seed at the library. Thanks for telling me about it!

    @ Ivy– What a great idea! I hope we can get something to come up. Emily loves watching plants grow!

  4. Infant Bibliophile says

    I knew that Carrot Seed was illustrated by the author of Harold and the Purple Crayon, but I didn’t realize it was written by his wife! Here is Amazon’s blurb on it: “A little boy plants a carrot seed and waits patiently, tending to it carefully, while everyone around him insists that “it won’t come up.” His conviction is steadfast, however, and sure enough, a carrot worthy of first prize at any state fair springs forth from the earth.”

  5. The Blossoming Skillet says

    I did a garden journal last year, and it was so much fun reviewing it while planning my garden for this year!

  6. What a wonderful idea!

  7. I just found your blog and I love it! Thank you so much for sharing what you do. It is a blessing and I’m sure I;ll be back to learn more. I have 2 boys and a girl, ages 9,7, and5 respectively. We will have alot of fun trying your ideas.
    Bless you,

  8. I love that idea. I know we will be doing this.

    Thanks for sharing such a great idea to Saturday Showcase. Have a great weekend.

  9. I have been wanting to grow vegetables with the kids. I think we’ll be starting with tomatoes and making a journal as well. Thanks for the idea! (And we already have Carrot Seed, so I’ll have my 6-year-old read it to my 3-year-old again.)

  10. @ Infant Bibliophile — Wow, they are a very talented couple, aren’t they? Emily loved that book. We got it from the library a few days ago!

    @ Blossoming Skillet — That’s a good point. The journal will be a great reference for next year’s garden too.

    @ Sara — Thank you so much! 🙂

  11. @ Jennie — Thanks so much for stopping by. I would love to hear more about any activities you do with the kids!

    @ jennwa — Saturday Showcase is an awesome idea. Thanks for hosting it. It’s great to check out other ideas from around the web.

    @ Heidi — Please keep us posted on how your tomatoes turn out. Would love to hear more about it!

  12. Very fun, it’s a ways off but in April we’re planning on featuring projects about growing, gardening, etc on my blog and I’d like to include this one. I’d use the picture of the binder, give a brief description, and provide a direct link to your post with credit given to you. Would this be permissible? Please let me know, thanks!
    BTW, love the blog been following for quite sometime. Made the felt ravioli and they came out adorable.

  13. Hi Katie — Yes, absolutely! Thanks for asking and including a link back here.

  14. BarbaraLee says

    Cute idea. I like to write things done too.