March Comes In Like a Lion….

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Emily spent some time this afternoon working on this drawing of a lion, which proved to be quite frugal since it only required paper and crayons. She was quite happy with the end result and proud that she had drawn it “all by herself”. Here is the secret to her success — a book called The Usborne Big Book of Playtime Activities.

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Check this one out at your local public library, and the kids will find several projects in here that they can do with very little help from adults. Each project is broken down into small steps, and even if your child cannot read yet, he/she will still be able to follow along quite well. Here’s the sample of photos from today’s activity:
The illustrations are brightly colored, and the projects are simple enough to not discourage Emily, but challenging enough that she does not get bored of them.
We are both eager for Spring to come!

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  1. Emily’s lion is adorable! That book looks great, too – I can’t wait for Emma to start following instructions like those on her own…

  2. Wow. I am going to look for a book like that at the library. I bet my daughter would enjoy trying it out.